Voltaire By: Jenna Miller

Voltaire and his Ideas

Voltaire lived during the 18th Century and was born in the year of 1694 in Paris, France and died May of 1778. Voltaire was probably the smartest philosopher and most intelligent out of all of them. He wrote more than 70 books indicating political essays, philosophy and drama. His most famous book was Zadig. He went against the Catholic Church and their ideas because he believed it was wrong for people to have to follow only one certain church so he started to believe in freedom of religion, speech and the separation of church and state. This is why Voltaire started writing books and letters so people would agree with him and hoping this would help spread his ideas of freedom throughout the world.

Voltaire's impact on Society

Because of Voltaire's idea of freedom of religion, it made a huge impact on the U.S. because they promised religious freedom by creating the Bill of Rights. France also was impacted with Voltaire's ideas because they created the French Declaration of freedom the Rights of Man and Citizen. Last but not least, European monarchs reduced persecution since they all started following Voltaire's ideas.

Traditional Beliefs Impacted

Since a lot of countries changed the way of religious freedom, this made people stop following the Catholic Church and start following many new/different religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam and many more. These new religious freedoms also made people follow new cultures throughout the world.


"Common sense isn't so common"

This quote by Voltaire indicates that a lot of people aren't as smart as they should be and don't stand up for themselves. But people with common sense do stand up for themselves just like how Voltaire did by taking a stand and realizing people should have religious freedom.

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