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Lesson one

Pages - 348-352

Rivalry in the Northwest

  • The Oregon Country was a huge area located north of California, between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains.
  • It included all of what are now Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, plus parts of Montana and Wyoming.
  • In the early 1800's, four nations claimed the vast rugged land known as the Oregon Country.

Adams- Onis Treaty

  • In 1819 Secretary of State John Quincy Adams got Spain to approve of the Adams-Onis Treaty.
  • It made the Spanish set limits of their territory at what is now California's northern border and to give up all claims to Oregon.
  • 1818 Adams worked out a agreement with Britain for joint occupation.

Mountain Men in Oregon

  • Mountain Men were adventures of the American West.
  • Fur merchants traded with the Native Americans.
  • Most Mountain Men had Native American wives.
  • Over time, the Mountain Men could no longer make a living by trapping
What did America gain from the Adams-Onis Treaty
America gained parts of California and all of Oregon. Also it give a new way of living by trapping.

Oregon and Manifest Destiny/Marcus and Narcissa Whitmen

  • In the 1830's, Americans began to travel to the Oregon Country to settle.
  • There was economic troubles in the East reports of Oregon fertile land drew many people.
  • Dr. Marcus Whitemen and his wife were the first of the settlers.
  • They built a mission among the Cayuse people near the present site of Walla Walla, Washington.
  • They brought new disease to the Native Americans, and a epidemic killed lots of Cayuse Children.
  • The Cayuse blamed and killed the Whitemens with 11 others.

Along the Oregon Trail

  • The Whitemen massacre did little impact to the unstop flood of pioneers on their way to Oregon.
  • Most people were drawn to the fertile of Oregon.
  • Emigrants made their way to Oregon.

America Seeks its Manifest Destiny

  • Americans had believed their nation's mission should be to serve as a model of freedom and democracy, in the 1800's that vision changed.
  • John Quincy Adams expressed what many were thinking when he said expansion to the the Pacific was as certain as the Mississippi River flowing to the sea.
  • John O'Sullivan expressed in more words the it was a Manifest Destiny to overspread the Continent.
  • Manifest Destiny means it was a sign from God to extend its boundaries all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight

  • Many Americans wanted the United States to take over all of Oregon.
  • James K. Polk supported this desire.
  • Henry Clay did not take a strong position on the Oregon issue.
  • In 1846 the two countries compromised.
How did Polk's views differ from Clay's in the 1844 Election?
Polk wanted to set new borders to get all of Oregon and Clay didn't focus on that.

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Lesson 2

Pages 353-357

Statehood for florida and texas

How did Florida become a State?
Spain transferred Florida to the Untied States.


  • Spain transferred Florida to the Untied States on July 17, 1821.
  • Under the terms of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, Florida had an appointed territorial governor, a territorial legislative, and a nonvoting delegate to the United States Congress.
  • Tallahassee became the territorial capital in 1824.
  • Fewer than 8,00 people lived in the territory, if you don't include the Native Americans.
  • The planters established a cotton and tobacco plantations in Florida.

The Territory Grows

  • In 1837, the census for the territory of Florida reported that 48,000 people lived there.
  • Enslaved people made one-half of Florida's population.
  • Florida's desire to enter the Union as a slave state caused some difficulty.

Statehood for Flordia

  • Iowa emerged as a free state candidate.
  • Florida become the twenty-seventh state in the United States.
What caused the population of Florida to grow?
The fertile land made for new plantations.


  • In 1821 Mexico won independence form Spain.
  • Tejanos were Mexicans who claimed Texas as their home.
  • At first, Mexico encouraged Americans to settle in Texas.
  • Tensions grow with Mexico when Americans refused to follow rule: learning Spanish, and becoming Catholic.
  • In 1830 Mexico issued a decree.

The Alamo

  • The Texans had only 18- soldiers to take on Santa Anna's army of thousands.
  • Texans leader was Jim Bowie.
  • In 1836, Mexican cannon fire smashed the Alamo's walls.

Texas Declares Its independence

  • In 1836,Tejanos declared independence from Mexico.
  • The Texans launched a surprise attack shouting "Remember the Alamo!"
  • They killed more than 600 soldiers.

THe lone Star republic

  • In September 1836, Texans elected Sam Houston as their president.
  • Houston send a annex to Washington D.C.

texas becomes a state

  • Many Texans wanted to join the United States.
  • In 1844 the south wanted Texas.
Why did it take a long time for the United States to annex Texas?
Because John Tyler put off the annexation, and the Senate remained dividend over the slavery issue and failed to ratify the annexation treaty.

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LEsson 3

Pages 360-364

war with mexico

How did the Santa Fe Trail benefit the New Mexico Territory?
It started towards independence.

The New mexico terriory

  • In the early 1800's, New Mexico was a vast region between the Texas and California territories.
  • Mexico (including New Mexico) gained independence from Spain in 1821.
  • The Spanish tried to keep away the Americans from Santa Fe, but the new Mexican government welcomed American traders.
How did William Becknell influence the American settlement of New Mexico.
He was the first American trader to reach Santa Fe, and made the Santa Fe Trail.

CALIFORNIA'S Spanish Culture

  • Spanish explorers and missionaries from Mexico settled in California in the 1700's
  • Captain Gasper de Portola Father Junipero Serra started missions to convert Native Americans to Christianity and the Spanish way of life.

COnflict BEgins

  • President James K. Polk was determined to get the California and New Mexico territories from Mexico.
  • Relations with the two countries weren't friendly.
  • Polk sent John Slidell to Mexico to propose $30 million for California and New Mexico as long as Mexico accepted the Rio Grande as the Texas border.
  • They refused.
  • On May 13, Congress passed a declaration of war against Mexico.

a war plan

  • Polk planned defeat Mexico by accomplishing three goals.
  • Goal 1: Drive Mexican forces out of Texas.
  • Goal 2: seize New Mexico and California.
  • Goal 3: Advance into Mexico and capture the capital.

california's uprising

  • Before the war, American settlers in northern California had began an uprising.
  • The settlers had no trouble overcoming the Mexican presence over California.
  • On June 14, 1846, the Americans declared California independent.

peace terms

  • Mexico signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
  • American gained what are now the states of California, Nevada, and Utah, as well as most of Arizona and New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Wyoming.
What did America gain from the Mexican War?

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Lesson 4

Pages 365-369

California and Utah

How did the discovery of gold help California?
It helped bring people from all around the world come to California.


  • In 1848, gold was discovered as Sutter's Mill.
  • People from around the world went to California in search of riches.
  • Those people were called forty-niners.

the californios

  • The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the war with Mexico and made Californios citizens of the United States.

the life of a forty-niner

  • As people rushed to a new area to look for gold, they built new communities.
  • Two houses were on the Yuba River and a year later a bustling town of 1,000 people were there.
  • Most forty-niners has no experience in mining.

gold rush society

  • Most mining camps were men, but there were few women.
  • Lonely men spend free hours drinking, gambling, and fighting.

ECONOMIC and political progress

  • The Gold Rush had long lasting effects on California, such as agriculture, shipping, and trade.
  • Rapid growth brought the need for better government.
  • In 1849, California applied for statehood and wrote a constitution.
  • The constitution banned slavery.
How did the California Gold Rush lead to the expansion of cities?
The people decided to stay and built communities.

A religious refuge in utah

  • In Utah Mormons were building a new community and fulfilling their version of the godly life.

the mormons move on

  • The founder of the Mormon Church was Joseph Smith.
  • He published "THE BOOK OF MORMON".
  • Smith formed a Community in New York, but neighbors disapproved of the Mormon's religion and forced them to leave.
  • In 1844, a mob of local residents killed Joseph Smith.

a haven in the desert

  • The Mormon migration begin in 1846.
  • About 12,000 Mormons made the trek in the largest single migration in American history.
  • In 1847, Mormons made it to Great Salt Lake
Why did the Mormons have to keep moving from one place to another?
The people around them didn't not like them and killed Joseph Smith.

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