Das Reich The Third Best in the world

Das Reich is the Third best, that's right, the third best Gas Station in Germany today.

These popular stations can't compare with the amount of gas we can give your car! At low prices of just 6,000 Deutschemark!

This was our first ever station built. The reason why its abandoned is because it was so popular, that everyone in Germany took the gas. If that's not good business, then i don't know what is.

Do you miss the old days when these bad boys still worked? Well not to worry. We have over 5 different, old style pumps in every station across Germany!!
Just look at all of our happy customers. We accept anyone to come down to our stations and by a cold one or a pack of cigars. The only thing we wish of you is to give us a five star rating on Jaulen (that's Yelp in German)


contact us at www.whatchgoingdoboutit.com or call us at 810-555-REICH


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