Learning Journal C. Helms

Coding: The connection that I made is how the students can connect technology and the digital world with subject areas. In the Sphero station, I tried to code the sphero to order fractions on a number line using benchmarks. The students of today are so savvy with technology, that this will help them to understand not only the curriculum, but be able to enjoy it with their creativity and the use of technology and the digital world.

Design Thinking: Having empathy allowed me to play out different scenarios before them occur, so that I will know how to approach them in the classroom, if and when they happen. It allowed me to reflect as a teacher ways that I would differentiate between the different learners, not just academic, but technology also. I was able to understand what changes would need to be made, while making sure that the main objective is still being taught.

Prototyping & Modeling: This station allowed me to enjoy making not only an original design, but I was able to also print a design that was similar to what I was trying to make. The already made design, was more in detail of course, so that is the one that I chose to print. I may be able to utilize Tinkercad and/or a 3D printer when teaching fossils and Native American artifacts.


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