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GirlLove was created by a YouTuber named Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII. She wanted to create something that encouraged supporting other woman rather than tearing them down.

In a world where women are not considered completely equal to men by society, girls are taught they are less than men from a young age. We have all seen the "like a girl" ads that show how girls are considered weak and unable to do tasks that men can do. This thought process taught to young girls can often lead to bullying in their teen years. If one girl decides she does not like the labels put on her and tries to step out of them she is often put down by others even other girls. I think there is fear and jealousy there. A girl who is too scared to push against societies rules may see another girl succeed in a way she may want to succeed herself and becomes jealous. Then in response to make herself feel better bashes the girl who succeeds, puts her down for what she has accomplished.

We need to change this, girls should support and encourage other girls! That's how we will go far in this world. How can we expect to make a difference in gender equality if we don not even support each other? So, that is why Lilly has created this cause to spread awareness to young girls that encouraging and supporting each other is a good and a cool thing, not a bad thing! I think this is a great message and I think it is awesome that Lilly uses her platform in this way!


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