Uluru By caleb noble

Uluru is located in the southwestern corner of the Northern Territory. Some of the features about Uluru are that Uluru is dry, in 1958 both Ayers Rock and Mt Olga. uluru isn't just a rock to the Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people it a lot more it has been a Indigenous Australians. Uluru is located in a desert and there's been over 400,000 people visit it.
Ayers Rock/ Uluru is located in the Northern Territory. The pattern of Uluru is a ribbed pattern, the size of Uluru is around 348 meters and can rise to 1,142 feet, Uluru is shaped a bit like a trapezium. The contour line shows us when it is steep and where is is gentle and gentlest, Uluru is classified as a arkose, the dream times stories say that it was a featureless place until the ancestors come across the land and made them.
You many just see birds and reptiles like lizards, snakes and alot more there are over 400 different plants at Uluru such as Dassys, roses and more, 500 million years ago uluru was covered by the sea, Uluru is 867m above the sea level, over 300 million years ago Uluru have had softer than rocks earaded but leaving Uluru behind. Uluru is situated in the middle of the semi -arid dessert and the weather changes from 3.5 oC in July to 37.5oC in January. All of uluru was natural nothing was built.
The effect of tourism industry on Uluru is that the owers have not closed it yet because they believe that people would have the respect the law and not climb all over the rock,there are no other factors that have caused problems.
They need to not let anyone get close to the rock or close it down because people are just climbing on it and little kids learn from them so they would think it's ok to climb on it then there kids will think it ok then they would do it and people would keep doing it. Uluru's conservation is focused on two main areas which are fire management and weed and feral animal management.
The management plan uses the environment protection and biodiversity conservation at 1999. at present the park rangers and scientists look after the land plants and animals using scientist matter.
Some changes are happening are that rocks are keep falling off, they are accruing because everybody keeps climbing on them and disrespecting Indigenous Australian place/land there for if all the rocks keep falling off Uluru will be gone.
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