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The city that the FIFA worldcup is located in is Puerto Varas, Chile. Some tourist attractions here are Orsono and Todos Ios Santos Lake where you can see volcanoes, go skiing, and hiking. The lake landscape and glacier views give visitors a sensations as if they are in the Swiss Alps, and not Chile.

Map of Chile
The city of Puerto Varas,Chile


This logo relates to our country because the Incas built their empire here along the coast of South America. We learned that the Incas were conquered by Pizzaro. One night he invited the Incan emperor and kept him hostage. Pizzaro said that he would keep the emperor hostage unless he gave him a room full of gold and a room full of silver. Even though the deal was done, the Incan emperor was killed. The Incan empire had finally fallen.

The government building of chile


The government type in Chile is a unitary government. The current leader/president is Michelle Bachelet. The president of Chile is the head of state and head of government. Chile is a republic with democratic representation. Citizens get to vote for their leader. Chile's economy type is a mixed economy and is closer to a market economy. Chile's government would be in support of the World Cup because they have a democratic government and the people have a say in the government. They would enjoy if the world cup would be hosted in Chile. The world cup would also have a positive impact on the economic system of our country because that would increase tourism and businesses. The hotels and restaurants would be booming with business and wold make money. This would be Amazing for our economy!


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