Stew Leonard’s cookie dough: Exciting in concept, underwhelming in reality Layla Wofsy '19 and Sophie Driscoll '19

Stew Leonard's in Norwalk, Connecticut began selling edible chocolate chip cookie dough at its ice cream counter on March 11. Excited by the prospect of finding a unique alternative to a classic ice cream scoop, we took a trip to the infamously decorated, family-friendly supermarket that very day.

The cookie dough is safe for consumption because it is made from heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs. We found that because it did not contain egg, the texture of the dough was slightly rougher than your average raw cookie dough. However, it is impressive that Stew Leonard's was able to make a beloved binge-eating snack into a safe treat everyone can enjoy.

The dough is available in either a cup or a cone. When served in a cone, we found it difficult to eat. It could not be licked and was challenging to dig into with a spoon.

Layla holding her cone of cookie dough
A Stew Leonard's employee scooping our edible cookie dough into cones

Additionally, because the dough is both dense and extremely sweet, most people will find that even the single scoop is too large to be finished. After eating about half of our scoops, we both needed a drink of water.

Overall, at $3.99 for a single scoop and $6.99 for a double scoop, the somewhat underwhelming dough is a little overpriced. Trying it was a fun experience, but next time we visit Stew Leonard’s, we’ll stick to ordering ice cream, which costs $2.50 for a small and $3.00 for a large.

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