Ebola Brooke brehmer

WHO started Ebola. Well many people are saying that it was a 2 year old boy that gave it to his mom and then the mom gave it to her daughter and then the Daughter gave it to the grams and then the grandma gave it to the doctor and then the doctor gave it to the patients and that's how it came apart off the world.

WHAT started ebola.Well many people are saying that it was a bat.Many people are saying that a fruit bat came up to the little boy that started it and it just bit him then a bug was in his system and whenever he coughed on someone or something it would spread.

WHERE did ebola start.Well many people are saying that it started in they say that it first started in 1976. It first came in gueckedou guienanear near west africa.

when did The ebola outbreak first discovered on march 2014 it was some day in that month.But it was first discovered in 1976.

WHY are People asking that ebola spread so quickly.People say that it spread so quickly because it was really toxic and really harmful to your body and to other people if you were by them.


Created with images by CDC Global Health - "Ebola virus" • DFID - UK Department for International Development - "Mohamed Koker in his safety suit" • Marie Hale - "Rodrigues fruit bat" • quapan - "flight-induced fever (40°C) made bats immune to Ebola-viruses, while training the Ebola-viruses to be immune to non-flying-mammals (37 °C) like us {illustration}" • DFID - UK Department for International Development - "Training British army medics to help tackle Ebola" • bhossfeld - "ebola isolation infection"

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