NETIQUETTE Using the Internet appropriately

The internet contains an abundance of information on any topic you may think of. It has become the most popular source of information for students today. It is also a great tool for communicating to classrooms and students across Canada and around the world. However, when using the internet at school there are several guidelines we must follow to be responsible Digital Citizens.

When using Social Media it is important to protect yourself. NEVER give out personal information on the internet. Personal information includes your full name, birthdate, telephone number, address, banking information and passwords. Hide your identity behind a username of your choosing.

Your character counts online as well. Make choices online that demonstrate the amazing characteristics you have. Be a responsible digital citizen!

Cyber crimes including cyber bullying are increasing at a rapid pace. According to Statistics Canada, nearly one in five young Internet users reported having been cyberbullied or cyberstalked. (see link below)

These guidelines are crucial to remaining safe while using the internet. It is also important to THINK before you TYPE because you cannot undo and cannot unsend your posts or pictures.

T ake Time before You Post Everything to


When using images or information from the internet be sure to follow copyright laws.

Our Haudenosaunee Values are important everyday even while on the internet.

REMEMBER to use: Good Words, A Good Mind, Truthfulness, Kindness in Speaking, Peacefulness, and Compassion while communicating online.


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