Community Sanitation Complex in Urban Slum Thane, Maharastra, india

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Habitat for Humanity India with support from Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC), Government of Maharashtra and SBI Capital Markets Ltd. supported the construction of a community sanitation complex (CSC) in Sathewadi, Thane district in Maharastra. The project was completed in February 2017 and handed over to TMC and the 4G group. Habitat India helped the women residents of Sathewadi set up a community group known as the ‘4G Group’. The group visits the community door to door, raises awareness about sanitation, hygiene, health and awareness on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (national flagship program of GOI to make India Open Defecation Free by 2022). The community is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the sanitation complex using the revenue generated through the pay-and-use model. Beneficiaries of the project include low income urban slum dwelling families, daily wage earners, women and adolescent girls, children and differently abled individuals. The complex includes separate toilets for women, children, differently abled and men. It is equipped with hand wash stations, sanitary pad dispenser, sanitary pad incinerator, bathing space and a care taker’s room. The CSC also has a community space at the roof–top which is used by the 4G for meetings and income generation activities.. Features - 24 hours water and electricity supply, LED lighting with motion & light sensor, Solar Energy panels with power backup system and access card control system for cash-less transactions

CATEGORY: Civil Society SETTING: Urban STATUS: Completed project

BY: Habitat for Humanity India

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Community sanitation complexes constructed by Habitat India advocates for collective behaviour change through mobilization of communities to end the practice of open defecation.In addition the overall objective of this project can also be seen leading to contribute to empowerment of marginalized women through creating economic opportunities. This enterprise offers innovative and affordable solutions through a business model- Smart Sanitation Hubs around innovative solutions on sustainable sanitation. The women entrepreneurs will be closely linked with these Smart Sanitation Hub for employment and livelihoods and will offer Smart Sanitation Solutions (SSS), product development (prefab sanitation units, mini sanitation complex, water ATM, sanitary incinerators and pads etc.), technology applications and other innovative tools which will also enable women entrepreneurs and women enterprises to use it commercially and engage in business activities. The women led enterprises will further engage and train other women.

PARTNERS: Partnership between Habitat India, TMC and Corporate Social Responsibility along with the community people enabled the first community sanitation complex built in Sathewadi, Thane. Habitat India is in partnership with Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) to construct 10 community sanitation complexes with improved sanitation facilities. Construction of three sanitation complex is complete in Sathewadi, Azad Nagar and Jaibhim Nagar in Thane (Maharashtra).