Enlightenment thinker;Mary Wollstonecraft By: Destinee Cwik

Mary Wollstonecraft

Mary Wollstonecraft, is one of the many enlightment thinkers. She was born in the time period of April 27-1759 in spitafeild, London. Mary was an English writer, philosopher and advocate of woman's rights. She fought for the idea of girls being on the same Plainfield as boys. Working in the medical field and at school. Girls went to school to learn how to be a wife and mother, she wanted women to have the rights to have an education.

From Mary standing up for what she thought was right, woman right groups formed in Europe and North America. This spread her idea all around the world.


Mary's idea had a impact traditional beliefs because people thought only men can have a good job and go to school. Girls stayed at home and clean and the take care of the kids, With standing up for women right she changed perspective on the way people looked.


"I don't wish woman have power over men, but over themselves."

This means that she wants wants woman to be able to take control of their own lives and over there destiny and not have to rely on men for it. That she wants them to be equal, but first women would have to want and chase for that equality.

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