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Fire Extinguisher Training

Take the online test below and we will send you a certificate of completion good for one year.

Practice Calling 911

Around 4 or 5 years of age, children should be learning their full name, address, and phone number. BUT, if you don't use it, you lose it. It's not uncommon for older students to forget these things.

This is part of the When to Call 911 game that can be found in our classroom resources, but can be used independently to teach the single concept.

Use this tool to discuss what is and is not an emergency. You can give students scenarios to call 911 for and have them practice.

GJFD Youth Education Resources

Games, story time, activities, and extension ideas to meet your fire and life safety education needs!

GJFD Classroom

This is great for students familiar with google drive to explore on their own.

GJFD Lessons

Intended for adults to mix, match, and meet their children's needs.

Car Seat Checks

Now offering distance education! We are happy to meet your needs by offering car seat coaching through video chat, phone, or e-mail! We'll get specific information about your car seat, vehicle, and child to help you keep your family safe!



Rear Facing Car Seat Quick Checks

Forward Facing Car Seat Quick Checks

Home Safety Check

From our experience on emergency scenes, there are consistent safety hazards in many homes that have simple fixes to prevent or reduce the impact of a crisis.

Schedule a quick phone call with our safety professionals and we will guide you through your home and help you make sure you and yours are as safe as you can be.



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