Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH

Nature on Display

This is a fossil of a giant ground sloth 2 million years ago. This giant ground sloth is particularly appealing to me because of its contrast with the mini sculpture or recreation of it. It shows to me that how beautiful, powerful and magnificent nature was. However, at this point the most we can do is trying to put together a lifeless image of it that is not even one-tenth of what it used to be. Living in this industrialized world, I could have never known how nature was used to be, and nature is just some idea outside of my life I visit occasionally was reminded of. Standing in front of this exhibition, I am just settled and peaceful.

Nature and Ethics

Being surrounded by the butterflies and standing in front of the giant jaw of the extinct sharks, I felt infinitely small in comparison to the nature. Many people walk through the museum talking about that they see, but never really stopped in front of anything to sink in. They talk about how cool everything is but never relate it to themselves. The museum puts a lot of the real size fossil or animal simple in front of me, which allows me to interact with them and compare myself with them and interact with them. This tour is a reminder to me, that we are just a very small part of the nature where everything connects. Human power is limited, and the nature the power to raise us and destroy us at the same time.

Nature and the human spirit

In our ordinary life in the cities, we gain the illusion of having infinite power and the ability to control everything. Therefore, we became numb to many of our senses and the nature that we depend on. However, when our ancestor did not have the utilities we have nowadays, that almost completely relay on the relationship with nature. Seeing the simulation of the prayer of out ancestor to the nature, their pious and the internal peace they gain from doing that, reminds me again of the power of the nation. Our ancestor was able to survive and grow to everything we have today is because of the mutual respect between them and the nature.
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