Caleb Swanigan Becoming a boilmakeR


Caleb Swanigan grew up with a bad childhood. He had 5 siblings, a cocain addict for a dad, and a mom who lived off food stamps and welfare checks. No one wanted to help him succeed because they either didn't want to waste their time or they literally couldn't because of their income.

Going into his eighth grade year he stood 6'2" and weighed 360 pounds.

Courageous Act

His brother approached him one day and asked what he wanted to do with his life. Caleb said he wanted to be a basketball player. His brother said there's no way that that's possible unless he meets with a guy named Roosevelt Barnes. Swanigan didn't want to meet with Barnes but he knew that was the only way to the league.


Working with Barnes trimmed him to a 6'9" 250 pound phenom who absolutely destroys people on the court. He is now a starter at the university of Purdue and averages 18.8 PPG, 12.9 RPG, and 2.9 APG.

Caleb Swanigan earned the main story in this news broadcast.


Caleb Swanigan grew up as "Biggie" in his schooling system. The summer before his eighth grade year he was 6'2" 360 pounds sleeping in homeless. He had 5 siblings, a cocaine addict for a dad, and his mom was living off welfare checks and food stamps. He wanted to change his life but he knew the help couldn't come from them. His brother then approached him and asked what he wanted to be. This is when his life started to change. His father passed away due to diabetes and drug related problems. He worked days and nights with Barnes and was trimmed to a 6'9" 250 pound beast on the court. He is now the star player the Purdue Boilmakers. He has plans of going big in the league and giving a lot of his money from his paycheck back to his mother and siblings.

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