Salome A work in progress

Drawing has always been my passion, (Example: BFA illustration) but in the back of my mind was the magic plastiline characters inspired.

Every experience is different and so are the stories each character tells; all taking from personal encounters and my take in life. My work talks about People, Places, feelings..

Marcelo is puzzled.. he doesn’t understand why there are so many bees coming and flying around his head. Something is happening.... Marcelo doesn’t realize there are petals growing out from his head; he is becoming a flower and he doesn’t even know it.

Creating work that goes beyond the paper is thrilling. Challenges arise and creativity must take over. How can I make this...... look like the total oposite ? How can I physically create gold with my arts and crafts materials?

The story keeps evolving with different characters and special personalities showing a different side of myself. My work tends to be humorous and funky.

Values and opinions also make part of my work. Pieces with strong political outakes share an opitnion on issues.

It is a shame every story has to come to an end... But I hope this wont be the end for OUR story. Thank you LAIKA group, I hope to see you soon!

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