GOALS By: Adam Lloyd

By the end of this school year, I will have my drivers permit. I will achieve this goal by studying everyday and taking a lot of practice test online. I will take a practice test on the way to getting my permit and while we wait for me to take the real test. I will make notes in the book and study the most important information on driving. Another goal for me to reach during summer is doing tricks down a staircase on my skateboard. I will achieve this by over coming my fear of the drop and the landing impact. I will try my hardest till I land it and get used to doing tricks over stairs. My next goal to reach this summer is to get a job at Industrial Ride Shop. I will achieve this by writing a well formatted resume and turning it into them once im done writing it. I will call them the next day to check up on the summary of it and hopefully set a date and time for an interview. My last goal to reach by the end of this year is to go see the Grand Canyon again. I want to achieve this goal because the Grand Canyon is an amazing place and has a beautiful view. I will achieve it by giving my mom enough money for gas to get there and back.

One of the four goals that i will reach within three years is to move out of my moms house. In three years i will be 19. I will save up money till then to get an apartment or a trailer till i can save up enough to rent a house. Another goal is to go skate at Venice skate park. Venice skate park is one of the best skate park to skate at and it a good place to do street skating. I will achieve this by going with my friends up there once they get the money to do it. My next goal is to go cliff jumping. I will achieve this by going to the lake or somewhere with a large body of water and finding a cliff to jump off into the water. My last goal i want to reach within the next 3 years is to graduate high school. Ive been told i may end up being a 2nd year senior. I will study more and actually do my homework to pull up my grades so i can graduate on time rather then being a 2nd year senior.

Within five years, I will finally be a professional skateboarder. I will skate everyday and get better at stairs, gaps, ledges, hand rails, etc. I will start to record me skating and I will put all the little clips i have and put them into a montage to send to one of my favorite skate teams (Revive skate team). After i do that i want to get my first car. I will achieve this by saving up money and asking my mom to help me buy it (she helps pay about half of the price for all her kids). After i get the car, I want to go to woodward west. I will achieve this by getting my car and driving to Tehachapi, CA. Once i get there i will pay for about a month stay and i will be able to stay there and have a great time just skating, doing what i like.

Within the next ten years, I will be know for skateboarding. I will skate daily and posting videos of me skating to youtube/social media for people to watch. Next, I want to go visit Nashville, Tennessee to visit my birth place. I will save money up to buy a plane ticket to go there and visit for a little and if i cant get the money for a plane i will just drive. Another goal I have is to go to Disney land. It seems like an incredible place and ive always wanted to go there. My biggest goal yet to reach is to be in a Street League comp. Street League is the biggest skateboarding compitition in the world. The winner of the Super Crown walks away with 200,000 dollars. I will practice and wont give up till i skate in one.


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