Belikova By: arden barnes

Snapshot: Belikova is a remote but massive island country off the coast of Russian Europe. It was founded by Russians that were tired of their countries' communist ways.
Geography: Belikova is located near Russian Europe, it has warm temps in the summer and icy weather in the winter their all time low is -47'. Some of the tallest mountains in the world cover the islands surface. The waters around the island are home to exotic coral reefs.
Government in a Nutshell: Executive Branch: The Valedictorian is in charge of the executive branch of gov. The executive branch controls the military. The Valedictorian can make executive decisions for the good of the country without the people's consent but these decisions are easily over turned. The Valedictorian can also declare random days of rest in which everyone in the country is off work and school.
But, the Valedictorian cannot: pardon criminals that have committed federal offenses, pass an official law without consent of the people and the legislature, and the Valedictorian cannot travel outside of the country without approval from the head of the Sphere (Belikova's Pentagon)
Government in a nutshell: Legislative branch: There are two senators for each province, one democratic and the other republican, there are 8 provinces so there are 16 senators. Belikova's legislative branch id unicameral.
The senators are allowed to: control how the provinces' taxes are spent, pass laws but only with the peoples' consent, and vote for another Valedictorian if he/she is not doing their job. The senators are not allowed to control how the taxes are spent, vote for another Valedictorian without a valid reason, or pass laws without consent from the Valedictorian and the people.
Government in a nutshell: Judicial branch: There are 10 judges, one for each province and two at the national level.
The judges decide how long a sentence will be and what the consequences are. In rare cases a jury is not present judges decide who is guilty, in the province judges can decide whether not to get a case to a city judge. But they cannot decide whether a person is guilty if the jury is there, they cannot decide whether a case go to the national level and they cannot decide who is in the jury, that is randomly picked.
What to know about Belikova: Belikova is a peaceful country and has a very strong military and will fight back if necessary. They have a very good economy and their main export is lumber. The population is very rural in northern Belikova but it is very urban in the capitol city.
Every person in Belikova is trilingual and can speak English, Russian, and French. The southern most city of Belikova is a very well known tourist attraction because of the lush redwood forests, sugar sand beaches that line the coast, and some of the tallest mountains in the world.
Belikova is home to over 1,000 exotic species of flora and fauna that are found no where else on earth.
Major issues of Belikova: In being so close to Russia (who has one of the strongest militaries in the world, next to Antarctica) therefore attack is always a worry for the country's leaders. Deforestation is also a threat, Belikova's main export is lumber and in order to keep a good economy they must harvest a lot causing, habitat destruction.


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