The Elderly Should have Free Bus Fares

It seems that everyday now, there has been more people witnessing old people paying for a bus fare. I absolutely think that this is wrong. Don't you even feel sorry for them? The elderly have weak bones, so if they had no money, they would have to walk all the way to their destination, which is almost impossible to not break their bones. Many studies shows that car accidents occur more by the elderly, resulting into injuries or even deaths! Plus, the elderly have limited income as they do not work, so its hard for them to reach their destination!

Firstly, the elderly have old and weak bones, causing them onto going on the bus, but still has to pay. For example, if they had no car or money for the bus, they would have to walk, most likely to break their bones and end up in a hospital. Then they would have to stay in for months, or even years! As soon as they are released into their daily life, the accident might occur again. Even if they did have a car, there would be car accidents, since they are a bit blind.

Weak bones

Secondly, like I said, there would be car accidents if they didn't take the bus. There would be fewer car accidents on the road if the elderly are off the road, since their eyesight might be poor. The elderly dhould never on the road, so taking the bus is the best transport for them. But the elderly still has to pay, so what happens if they didn't have any money?

Car accidents caused by elderly.

Lastly, they have limited income as they don't work, so its hard for them to pay for a bus fare. First of all, they don't work because they have old and weak bones. So they are left with limited income from their children. If they had free bus rides, they could spend the money on more important things, such as groceries, furniture, etc. if the elderly is going to see their children, what happens if they don't have enough money to go on a bus ride? Their life's are about to end, and they still can't say goodbye to their children? This is why I think the bus rides should be free for them.

Limited Income - Savings

Even if they don't have weak bones, they still can get into an accident, such as: cars, tripping, etc.

Overall, the elderly cant walk that well, since they have weak bones, and if they didn't have any money from their limited income, they would have to walk. It's also safe on the road for the folks to navigate if the elderly rode on the bus, which doesn't cause any car accidents. To sum it all up, the elderly should receive free bus rides. What if you were in their shoes?

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