4B17 Ava Landry My journey to ellis island

Russia's Flag

It was that day I saw the Statue Of Liberty for the first time in my life. April 13, 1932, I was about 8 years old then. Came all the way from Russia. When people on the boat tried to start a covesation with me, I couldn't understand what they were saying! My father spoke English and Russian so he had to explain that I only spoke Russian and had no idea what they were trying to tell me. They understood and walked off. I only found one person on the boat who was about my age and spoke my language. Her name was Amelia Parker. She was very nice and offered me some better food. Her family was part of the first and second classes. Mine was down in the steerage. The food there was awful. She promised me she would sneak me some food every morning and meet me near the trash can. I agreed. When we got there, Amelia and I headed to the Baggage Room. She and I dropped off our belongings quickly before the room was packed and we would would lose each other. The officers passed out identity tags to us, mine said "Abigail Hunter" and Amelia's said "Amelia Parker". Unlike me, Amelia was bilingual like my father, and spoke English so she helped lead me to the next room. We eventually got to our next stop, The Registry Room. I just stared when we got there. I couldn't help it, it was HUGE. Amelia told me it was nicknamed the Great Hall and it was 200 feet long and 102 feet wide. Then we went off to the medical. I was scared but I passed! So did Amelia. We headed off to the Legal Inspection after that. They asked me all kinds of questions. Where were you born? Russia. Do you have any disorders? No. What city were you born in? St Petersburg. Finally, it was done, I found Amelia and we headed for the Stairs Of Seperation. We went to the office to exchange our money for U.S.A. dollars. When I first got them, they were so weird! They had specific people on specific dollars. Same with the coins too. Amelia grabbed me by the hand and lead us to our last stop, The Kissing Post. I felt tingley. I was finally going to meet my mother and siblings. I walked slower when we got closer. "C'mon." said Amelia, "They'll be delighted to see you, don't be shy". I sped up and we entered. I followed my father and then I saw them. My mother walked over to me and hugged me. I think she said "Hello Amelia, it's okay, it's me, your mother". I smiled and wrapped my arms around her. I soon met my siblings. I had two older brothers and an older sister. My brothers were the same age and were 10 years older than me. My sister was older by 8 years. But it was also time to say goodbye to Amelia. "Goodbye Amelia" I said. "Abigail, no matter how far we are from each other, we will always be friends, goodbye". She ran off to her family and gave me one last smile. I love America and their food. I went to college to study astronomy. I now work as an astronomer known as "Dr. Abigail Hunter". I love studying astrology and its star signs. I never want to leave America. And I never will.

My map orgin of Russia
The Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island

Statue Of Liberty Facts

France gave it to the U.S.A as a gift.

Staue is modeled after Libertas, the ancient roman goddess of freedom.

The Statue was completed in Paris, but it was really large.

The Statue Of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886.

  • I liked learning about The Passage.
  • They showed us how they start their journey.
  • And they helped us define emigrant and immigrant.

Immigrants arriving on Ellis Island.

Ellis Island

The Stairs Of Seperation

The Registry Room

Sources: Ellis Island Interacive Tour, BrainPopJr Statue Of Liberty, Google Images.

Ellis Island Interactive Tour

BrainPopJR Statue Of Liberty

Google Images:


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