Feudal Japan Summative Assessment


There are many customs that keep structure in a society and there were many customs that kept structure in Feudal Japan. Three such customs were Samurai, Shinto (Or just religion..), and Agriculture.

Samurai protected the villages/cities of feudal japan and kept their lord safe. They have a ritual called Seppuku, which meant that if they failed their duties as a protector, they would have to kill themselves. Society was protected and safe with the Samurai to protect them. The lord and it's citizens would not have been secure from wars without Samurai.

This is a Samurai riding into battle with it's bow and arrows, wearing its armor.

Shinto is the main Japanese religion that expresses their love and respect for nature. Shinto kept everyone's faith in nature and religion and without it and other religions such as Buddhism, Society would have fallen apart with no natural resources or materials.

This is a Shinto shrine in the middle of a lake.

Agriculture was obviously a huge part in society, let alone feudal japan. In their agriculture, they learned how to build Terraces, which provided more farmland on mountains and, of course, more food.

This is a rice farm, with the farmers working the rice.

Samurai, Shinto, and Agriculture were huge things in Feudal Japan's history and reason for stable structure. Their teachings are left behind for the present day to discover and improve. We should thank history for their teachings and learn from them in our own items.





The End


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