There's No Stopping Anytime Soon By: Logan Damery

Liberty University continues growth with new facilities at Green Hall

During the earlier part of 2016, Liberty University began renovations on what used to be the indoor track at Green Hall on campus. Fast forward to the fall of 2016, the new facility has opened up, uniting both the School of Communication and Creative Arts (SCCA) and the Department of Studio and Digital Media (SADA)

Green Hall has received many changes for both SCCA and SADA including new computer labs, green screen labs and a new collaborative space. With the addition of the new collaborative space, students from both SCCA and SADA are now able to create content together and find resources from each area of the arts for projects.

Section of the new collaborative space.

Julie Schlenker, a sophomore at Liberty University, explains that the relocation of the Digital Media department really helps make her days flow better. "The new changes to the department make my day easier because it brought all my classes over to North [Green Hall]. It allows me to see people in my classes more often and the collaborative area allows me to work with people with different majors and it really gives us the ability to work together on different projects." Said Schlenker.

Bailey Stanfield is another student that is happy about the new changes. "I have a firm belief that 'it's not about the grades you make, but the hands you shake' so being able to hang out with like-minded people [within the collaborative space] might be the most important addition." said Stanfield, a sophomore and new student to the Digital Media department.

More Finished, More to Come.

One of the many new computer labs.

Even though Green Hall has opened through all of its changes, there are still more changes coming within the next few months. Some of the changes that can be expected are the following according to the Liberty University news paper, the Liberty Champion:

  • Liberty University Radio Station 90.9 to be moved at the front entrance of Green Hall.
  • Two new TV production studios: one for student use and the other for Liberty Flames Sports Network (LFSN).
  • Tower Theater renovations.
  • New Black Box theater holding approximately 180 people.
  • New grand entrance with displays of student work.

All the above changes are just more ways Liberty University is expanding the hands-on experience for the students to gain.

There is currently not an official date set on the second half of the expansion, but it is being prospected that the main entrance, new studios and radio station will be completed by the fall of 2017.

Word Count: 419

Broadcast Script:

As the semester comes to a close and students head home// construction workers are hard at work at Green Hall at Liberty University///

The new Green Hall facilities opened up for students and staff at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year/ With the grand opening// the school opened new computer labs/ a green screen lab/ and even a new collaborative space/ There are still plans for a new home for the campus radio station// two new TV studios// a new black box theater// renovations to the Tower Theater// and a new grand lobby for the school/ There is currently not an official date set for an opening///

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