Kitchen LIFE HACKS Tested by: Charli Gisi

Reheating pizza in a Toastrer

Life Hack: Instead of just waiting for your oven to preheat or having your pizza too soggy from the microwave, try turning your toaster on its side and heating it that way.

Rate: 5/10 I don't know if it was just my toaster, but a full sized pizza slice would not be able to fit inside my toaster. Also, my toaster started to smoke after 10 seconds of heating up. Honestly, I would just wait for the oven to heat up to eat my pizza. Or just eat it cold.

Upside down can opener

Life Hack: If you're tired of the lid falling into your can, try flipping the handheld can opener upside down. You'll cut the entire lid off instead of pushing the top into the can.

Rate: 7/10 It seems unnecessary. My can opener works fine the other way, but if you want to use the can opener like this, go for it.

Strawberry Straw

Life Hack: Using a straw to remove the stem of a strawberry can be an easy hack to save you time and fruit.

Rate: 6/10 This is just way too much work to eat a strawberry. It is a lot easier to just cut off the end or to just eat around the stem. Pushing the straw in made my strawberry a little mushy and my hands got all sticky from the juice.


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