Day at the Natural History Museum Alexandra St Germain

This is one of the displays where all the butterflies were. They are hidden within the laves. If you look closely, you may be able to find one!

Nature on Display:

The design of the exhibit caught my attention mostly due to the fact that it was outdoors. I love anything and everything that has to do with nature and is not crammed inside of a building. This butterfly exhibit was especially amazing because of the realness of everything. The butterflies were literally in front of us in such close proximity where we could reach out and touch one if we wanted to. The colorful aspect of the butterflies was probably what was most intriguing. The crowd of people lining up to see all of the exhibit also caught my attention. One of the workers were releasing a new batch of butterflies on the day that I went, so I got to experience that, and even learn about how to hold the creatures without hurting them. I also understood how delicate they were, which I would have never particularly realized.

Nick and I next to the huge elephant skeleton.

Nature and Ethics:

The natural history museum allowed me to experience nature hands on, which is definitely better than experiencing everything through the words of a textbook. My boyfriend came up to visit me from back home so it was especially special. Walking through the museum, I felt enlightened from the incredible things that they had on display. Particularly the many model skeletons that they had. Another thing that was incredible to me were the many pictures and frames of butterflies that they had in the inner portion of their exhibit. Nick was also in fascination of the displays that they had. Along with Nick, my friend Claudia and her boyfriend were there as well. They reacted in about the same amount of awe that we did. The museum allowed everyone to connect with nature in the sense that it gave everyone an activity that went along with whatever it was they had on display. My appreciation for nature was definitely heightened because of all the ways the museum brought them to life. Because of this, there was an installation of ethical responsibility. Nature is precious, and it is very important to make sure that we are treating it all with care.

Some of the butterflies feeding. what is amazing is that they camouflage to look like leaves, but when they open their wings, they are bright blue!

Nature and the Human Spirit:

The museum allowed us to step out of our ordinary lives because it showed us a lot of things that we would have otherwise never been exposed to. Part of the mystery and majesty of the world is how this nature continues to thrive throughout the destruction that humans bring upon it. Nature has such a crucial part in the natural flow of the earth, from animals to plants, without them we wouldn’t have oxygen or food. The entire balance and order of everything is beautiful, and definitely something that I won’t ever fully understand.

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