Circulatory system By Mason

Body parts of the circulatory system

Spleen: organ on the left side of the abdomen, helps the clean out germs like bacteria and viruses, eat healthy food, ribs.

Heart: by the left lung, pumps blood to the body ,protection from ribs, check your blood pressure, eat healthy food. Size of fist.

Arteries: are throughout your body, Carys blood away from the heart, protection by skin, don't wear tight stuff. A long tubes

Veins: again throughout your body, carys blood to the heart, protection by skin, don't wear tight stuff. Long tubes

Blood:again throughout the body, carys nutrients to the bcancer body ,protection by veins, drink water, healthy eating , a red liquid


Created with images by Double--M - "Blood vessels of the face, circa 1900" • Double--M - "Surgical-Anatomical Tables by Anton Nuhn, 1846" • adrigu - "circulatory system"

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