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The origin of Christianity dates back thousands of years before the birth of Jesus Christ because many prophets -his coming as written in multiple books of the Old Testament, according to Christian belief. Christianity has a tie to the Jewish belief because they originated the idea of one god, and Jesus was also born a Jew.

In Christianity it is believed that there is one god that created Earth, the entire universe, and heaven. Jesus Christ is believed to be the son of this god sent to teach the people. Christianity is based off of Jesus Christ's life and teachings. It is belied that he died for all of humanity's sins. Christians believe that they are saved and can achieve eternal life if they have faith in Jesus. Today many Christians study from a holy book named The Bible.

The Holy Bible

There are different sects of Christianity. Some are Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Lutheranism, Methodism, Pietism, and Protestantism

Christians have many different holidays to represent the birth (Christmas), death (Good Friday), and resurrection (Easter) of Jesus Christ

The birth of Jesus Christ which is celebrated as the holiday, Christmas.


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