BeMobile's V.I.P. Party The Safest party you've ever been to!

BeMobile invites your whole family to our 2nd Annual VIP Party, teaching kids and parents alike how mobile technology devices can help keep kids safe!

April 27th, 2017 | 3:30pm - 6:30pm

Year after year we hear in the news, reports of children missing or in dangerous situations. Our local fire departments and law enforcement officers are hard at work trying to keep our kids safe. BeMobile is dedicated not only to our communities but to our children and keeping them safe!

Enter the BeMobile V.I.P. Party; the safest party you have ever been to! It's an event where we share technology and gadgets that help keep our kids safe. The safety talk doesn't stop there though, we invite the local fire departments, law enforcement, EMS teams and other community organizations to join in the fun. With K9 units, fire trucks, face painting, games and our everyday heros, we get kids excited about being safe!

1st Annual VIP Party
The Bemobile’s VIP party in my opinion was a great experience; There were a variety of new devices that were advertised that related to children & it was also a chance for the police department along with the fire department & hospital ambulance to bond with children and show them some really neat gadgets. A Big favorite was the Samsung 3d virtual reality headset (there was a line of children waiting to try the virtual headset) along with the gizmo which fortunately my son won one of those. Having the gizmo hub device has been a great tool as a parent to keep in constant contact with my child and having the security of knowing where he is at all times is a major plus! - Ashley, Worthington Customer
1st Annual VIP Party

The VIP Party is about getting kids excited about safety. It's about helping to teach them what to do when they are in a situation that is unsafe. The technology that is available isn't just about having a fun device to stay connected with mom and dad. It really can be life saving, and that is why we are so passionate about it. The story below happened in mid 2016 and is a true testament to how mobile technology is a safety tool.

Please join us at our VIP Party. April 27th from 3:30pm to 6:30pm

Visit or find us on Facebook for more information and participating locations.

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