Core Knowledge for Lawyers & The Complete Legal Writer Features for teachers

This short presentation was created by the authors of The Complete Legal Writer, Alexa Chew & Katie Pryal. To learn more about The Complete Legal Writer and other books in the Complete Series for Legal Writers, visit the series website.

What is Core Knowledge for Lawyers?

Like Core Grammar for Lawyers, Core Knowledge for Lawyers (CKL) is a self-directed, subscription-based, online learning tool. It will help reinforce important concepts that students read about in The Complete Legal Writer, which in turn will prepare your students to engage in class activities.

CKL has features for teachers that let you see your students' progress as they do the CKL reading reinforcement questions. Let's look at a few.

Individual Student Results

As a teacher, you can see how each student in your class is progressing through each chapter's CKL questions. You'll see which chapters the student has completed, when she began and ended the chapter, and how many questions the student answered correctly.

Snapshot of the Whole Roster

The "Student Roster" function lets teachers see all of the students who have registered for your class and their emails.

Class Results at a Glance

The "Practice Set Results" shows teachers every student registered for their classes, which chapters' questions each student has completed, and how many questions each student answered correctly. It also shows a class average for the chapter, which can help teachers decide whether to spend more time on a particular topic.

See Patterns in Your Class

The "Practice Set Snapshot" shows you how many students in your class correctly answered each question in each chapter. This granular information helps teachers pinpoint which material might need additional coverage.

What Students See

Students see their own progress through the reading reinforcement questions. Unlike Core Grammar, the goal for most students won't be to complete the entire practice set. Instead, the goal is to reinforce the concepts from their reading so that they are ready to apply them in an active learning setting.

Core Knowledge for Lawyers is a Carolina Academic Press product. If you have further technical questions about Core Knowledge for Lawyers, contact the publisher at support@coreknowledgeforlawyers.com.

Core Knowledge for Lawyers is also available for The Complete Bar Writer, also by Alexa Z. Chew and Katie Rose Guest Pryal.


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