Purr,Kitten by Kristel Juurik Nichole koger

This book is about a a girl named Kathryn who has been alone for years. She helps a boy who leads her to find her mate. She says she might not want a mate, but he might. She must choose to leave him an reject him, or will she stay. Read the book to find out the way she an he goes on this amazing adventure.

This a Nonfiction book.

Kristel Juurik has always like writing books. Since she was in kindergarten where she first started writing animal books like this. But as she got older she has moved onto wattpad were she wrote this book and had over 15 million reads. She has made a mini sequel to this book, which I haven't read yet. Which is called Independent Life. Please go check out this amazing author.

It is set in this time period. I don't know what year because it was never explained. It says she is on the blood-thirsty pack lands.

A girl has to choose to accept her mate or reject him. Then over go the challenge set for her an him if she accepts him. An he will learn to make her see him as a good guy not a bad guy. An show her that he can be accepted not rejected. An over come the rouges with her by his side or not.

Description of characters Kathryn: skinny, blue eyes,5'4, brown hair, fast on her feet, strong ;Liam: grey eyes, 6'4 estimate, bulky, blonde,strong, faster than any alpha in the country

Werewolves would be the theme.

The primary conflict is her escaping Liam. This is resolved by Liam's mother talks to her telling her about how she escaped Liam's father an came back to him on her own the final time. And later that night her brother is about to be executed an she comes back for her brother who she thought died with her parents. An the same way he thought happen to her.

2 quotes Chapter Eyes:"Let me see kitten" he insisted....."Where did that nickname come form?" Liam shrugged quickly" Kathryn. Kat. Kitty. Kitten" He came up with that name with using her name. Chapter Breakfast gone bad-" That's right, purr for me" he chuckled; he said this while kissing her.

Vocab 1.) Torturous- excruciating pain.2.)similarities-resemblance of another person.3.)possessive- over protective of something or someone.4.)coronation-crowning of a person.5.)rouges- a loner wolf

This represents Kat and Liam. The one standing is Liam the one laying down is Kat.

I would recommend this book. Because if your a fan of the super natural beings then you will fall in love with this book. Because you will love the wolves. And maybe you might find something that reminds you of yourself.

https://www.amazon.com/Purr-Kitten-Werewolf-Shifter-Teenage-ebook/dp/B01KK7EECM and https://www.wattpad.com/


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