Working with Adobe Connect Teaching & Learning Online

This resource is designed for educators who are wanting to enhance their online teaching ability with the help of Adobe Connect.

Check if your school/university can provide you with a licence to run Adobe Conect. If not, note that Adobe is currently offering a free 90-day trial.

This resource has been created by Dr Tim Kitchen (Senior Education Specialist, Adobe - APAC). Note that a number of the images are from his Adobe Connect Room.

What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect allows teachers to interact with their students via the Internet to run lessons, presentations, webinars and other teaching experiences. Teachers can share their screens, webcam and mic so that their students can see and hear what is being presented. Students can also share their screens, webcam and mic, when appropriate, as well as interact with the teacher and other students via a chat pod as well as other interactive tools.

Starting an Adobe Connect lesson

Teachers can start a lesson by logging in to their meeting room. It is recommended they do this through the Adobe Connect Desktop app that should be separately installed onto their laptop or desktop. This is usually done centrally by an IT Admin person or you can click here to access and find out more.

If you do not have access to the app, you can access Connect through any Internet browser (Internet Explorer is not recommended) and typing in the URL of the room that usually has a https://my.adobeconnect.com/... address.

When you open the app, you are encouraged to entre your Adobe Connect URL which usually has a my.adobeconnect.com domain name.

As a teacher, you should click into the Registered User mode, then add your Adobe Connect username & password prior to clicking the Enter Room button .

Note that students (guests) can access via any Internet browser (Internet Explorer is not recommended) or the Adobe Connect iOS or Android app and typing in the URL of the room that usually has a https://my.adobeconnect.com/... address. They should stay in Guest mode and type their name prior to clicking the Enter Room button. Usually just a first name and surname initial is sufficient.

As you entre the room, you should see the following progress bar.

When your room opens, you will get a series of Tips that you may choose to look at (recommended) or close.

When your room opens, you will be able to organise it into multiple layouts with a variety of pods that each have different ways to communicate such as a chat pod, polls, attendee list, share pods etc.

Managing Pods

Pods are windows that can be added and taken away from your Connect layout. The Pods drop-down menu at the top left of the screen. Possibly the most important pods to run a Connect session are the Share, Chat, Video, Attendee List

Accessing video & audio

The most effective online teaching sessions involve both live video and audio. That way participants can hear instructions as well as see their instructors and each other (if allowed). This creates a better sense of community which can be craved when there is a lack of face to face engagement.

It is recommended that you use

Chat Pod

The Chat Pod is likely to be the most effective interaction tool during an online lesson, especially if bandwidth is low or if the teacher is not wanting the students to be seeing and/or hearing each other via the video & audio features.

Having the same Chat Pod in each of your layouts is important so that discussions can continue no matter what part of the lesson is being conducted.

The Chat Pod is a great way to interact with the students throughout the lesson to ensure they are on-task and making the most of the teaching experience.

The Share Pod

The Share Pod has multiple features such as:

  • Sharing a screen so that students can see anything live on a teacher's screen
  • Sharing a document like a specific PowerPoint deck that had been converted to a PDF or an embedded video
  • Sharing a whiteboard so that teachers can make live notes

Access recordings

To access the records of each Connect session you need to go into the back-end of Adobe Connect by clicking the Manage Meeting Information button on the Meeting drop-down menu

You will then be prompted to log in again, but this time to the back end of your Connect room. Once you are in, click the Meetings tab.

You may see the Recordings tab, if not, click into the account associated with your room.

Then select the Recordings tab

Click the tick box next to the recording you would like to access. Select the Access Type to make it public (it is private by default) or add a passcode to it.

Click the name of the recording to access the URL so you can share it with your students. Especially those who were not able to join you live.

Extra resources

Now that you have the fundamentals to start an Adobe Connect session with you students, below are a set of extra resources to help expand your skills and knowledge.

Like with most things, the more sessions you do, the better you get.

Useful Videos

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Tim Kitchen