LOCATED AT 700 Main Street

We, at Insane Heights have a motto saying, "Willpower Knows No Obstacles." To us if you want to achieve the insanity of parkour, there's no giving up. We will be giving lessons to people wanting to learn parkour basics, wanting a place to train and progress as parkour psychos, and we will host competitions (dealing with speed, skill, and style) to be parkour champions.



FRIDAY 12pm-11pm

SATURDAY 12pm-8pm



“I’ll admit it I have very little experience in running a business, but I believe if you’re willing ,determined and focused on something, it can be achieved as long as work hard at it. I have participated in multiple sports for . I’m also an enlisted future soldier of the U.S. Army. I, among my other team members, have worked at a summer camp dealing with getting kids active outside, and making sure no one felt left out.”


“I would describe myself as respectful, intelligent, and all around containing very good leadership skills. I do not have much experience in running a business but I have worked in several establishments and at each one I worked very hard and was respected by my fellow employees and I'd bring that same that same work hard attitude to this business.”


“ One thing about myself is that I like to see people at their best. For example, I like to see people happy and satisfied. I’m also friendly once I get to know you. The skills I have to run a business is the leadership I’ve developed through sports. I also have a fire under me all the time when there is something that I want I do whatever it takes to get it. “


“The attributes that define me the most is my optimism, enthusiasm, integrity, and my grit. An important skill I have to run a business is people management, I’ve developed this from working with Summer-Up program because I had to manage a group of kids and make sure the staff under me were also doing their job.”

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