World War ll Gracie Connelly

In the 1928 election, less than 3% voted for the Nazi Party. On August 23, 1939 Hitler and the Soviet Union dictator sign a ten year non-aggression pact. France promised to aid Poland in case of a Nazi attack but we all know that didn't happen cause Germany the the Soviet Union invaded Poland. So on September 1, 1939 Germany annexed Danzig (which is a city in Poland) and Poland which started World War ll. But on September 17, 1939 the Soviet Union invaded eastern Poland. Soon after Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland, the country was forced to surrender. Since both Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland they divided Poland.

This is the free city of Danzig, Poland.

October 4, 1939 Hitler gave a speech at Reichstag which they were talking about how to become a better military force. On October 13,1939 Charles Lindbergh gave a speech about how the U.S. will stay neutral in the war. In April on the 9th day Hitler and his Nazi Party invades Denmark and Norway. On June 11, 1940 Italy joins the war which they go to the Axis Powers. The Axis Powers are made up of Germany, the Soviet Union and Now Italy. On November 8, 1939 an assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler fails. The Soviet Union invaded Finland on November 30, 1939. Britain and France demanded that Germany with drawl its troops, but Germany refused to with drawl its troops so Britain and France declared war on Germany. In 1941, the U.S. military was smaller than the Romanian military.

In WWll 84 German generals were excuted by Hitler. The average German officer slot had to be filled 9.2 times.Germany had a total of 3.363 generals during the war. The war was sparked by Hitler's invasion of Poland. This war involved more than 30 countries. The war dragged on for six deadly years. The war ended when the allied defeated both Nazi Germany and Japan in 1945. Also World War 2 was the most widespread and deadliest war ever. The most expensive war was World War ll.

At the beginning of World War 2 there was 300,000 aircraft built. For every aircraft shot down, another aircraft was lost due to an accident. Most if the kamikaze pilots died in vain. 12,000 heavy bombers were shot down in World War 2. Germany lost 40-45% of their aircraft in World War 2. Also there was 89,000 tanks built, 3 million machine guns built and more than 65,000 jeeps were all built during WWll. Actually Canada produced more trucks than Germany,Italy, and Japan combined.

German u-boats sunk 2000 allied ship at the cost of 781 u-boats destroyed. 40,000 men served on German u-boats during World War 2 but 30,000 never returned.Over 1,100 u-boats were built.

In World War 2 alone Germany had total military casualities of 4,429,875 men. Russia lost more that 21 million people during World War 2. World War 2 resulted in 50 million military and civilian deaths. When Pearl Harbor occurred more than 2,400 Americans were killed. Stalin actually killed more people than Hitler. The number of Chinese killed by the Japanese is greater than the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust. 80% of Soviet males born in 1923 didn't survive World War 2.

When Hitler took over and made all of the concentration camps the Nazis were going to send the Jews to Madagascar before they figured out a way to get rid of them by using genocide. At least 1.1 million children were murdered during the Holocaust.

2 million German women aged 13-70 were raped by the Red army. Queen Elizabeth ll served as a mechanic and driver in World War ll. The British was able to create artificial moonlight for night-time battle.

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