5 reasons why you need a local screenprinter and 1 reason why you don't or how I came to stop worrying and began to love t-shirts

1. A local screenprinter is a local screenprinter. It seems odd to need to say that, but it means a lot to our local economy. By spending your t-shirt dollars here, you are keeping money in our community. By investing in our community, we help to build our community. Visalia is cool. So are its local businesses.

I did 350 of these for a local tennis tournament.

2. A local screenprinter is a custom screenprinter. I try to customize the art for the teams and organizations and clubs that I print for. A lot goes in to logo design for a shirt if it gets done properly. Sure, an online company has that really cool "drag and drop" thingy online that let's you "design" a shirt, but clip art from a library is something I try to steer away from. I want your shirt to be your shirt. I won't use your art on another customer's project. That would be lame. The big online guys don't promise that.

I printed these for Boling's in Tulare. They make really neat hotrods

3. A local screenprinter can focus on screenprinting. I don't do imprinted keychains or hats or bottle openers or thumb drives. I print shirts and sweatshirts. That's it. And I am the one that prints them. I decided when I started my business that I wanted to do one thing really well and I am always learning how to do it better. McDonald's offers everything, In'n'Out offers 4 things. I notice there is always a huge line at In'n'Out. I want my business to have a focus on offering just a few things and to provide quality.

zoom zoom

4. A local screenprinter sees his work in the community everyday. When I am out in the community at the grocery store, downtown at Starbucks, or at a school event with my kids, I see shirts that I printed. Everytime. And I see how the print is holding up. I see people having fun in shirts that I printed. I see folks who got up in the morning and said to themselves, "What shirt am I going to wear today?" and they picked one I printed for them. That is a really cool thing. It also reminds me everyday to take care to do a good job because people I know and live with will be wearing something I created. It is a cool thing to see happy people I don't know wearing a shirt I printed. That big online printer in Kansas can't always say that.

Redwood Rocks.

5. A local screenprinter oftentimes handles the entire print job. A screenprint job has a lot of moving parts. There is the design, screen prep, screen burning, press setup, boxing, billing, and delivering and all these stages need someone who cares about it happening properly. When you go local, the guy who picks up the phone also does the printing. I am a one man shop. Because of my size, I can't work like a factory, but I can make changes right away and I can assure that each step of the process is on track to produce really great shirts.

Go have a beer and a burger downtown.

And the one reason you don't need a local screenprinter.

You can only pick two

If you would like shirts that are fast and cheap, the local guy isn't for you. You probably need a printer that "will just get you shirts by this Friday". I often get calls from people who need three shirts for a party tomorrow, or the like. A local printer keeps minimums and two week turn time for two reasons. The minimum is so that I can make a living and the two week turn time is so that I can have the time to do good work. I don't want you wearing a shirt that was dipped in ugly sauce and made with haste and carelessness. You shouldn't either.

Give me a call. 559-936-4295. My name is Nick. Let's print some shirts. Here is a link to our super simple website or you can follow us on instagram or you can book our face or you can tweet at us.

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