The Explorer Dayna Edholm

Motto: Don't fence me in

This attribute in my archetype (The explorer) relates to me because I don't like to be sitting at home, I'd rather go out and do something, no matter the weather, on most days. Whether it's going on a hike, or going out to eat, whatever it is. Once I'm out of the house I typically stay out for most of the day. Sitting on the couch isn't the ideal. Although with the recent weather, it kind of is killing the idea of being outside. This attribute goes for most of the people in my family as well. So if one of us goes somewhere, the rest normally follows.

Core Desire: The freedom to find out who you are through exploring the world

This archetype describes me a lot because I find myself exploring a lot in my neighborhood. My best friend and I do it in our free time just to maybe clear our minds or discover something new. My family likes to go places and do things. We go on different vacations where you can see nature at its greatest. I've been to places like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone national park, The Badlands, Punta Cana and more. I am very grateful for those vacations because they have taught me more about the world we live in. The culture of different places have definitely changed the way my family and I look at the world.

Goal: To experience a better, more authentic, more fulfilling life

This goal definitely represents me because I have always thought about how I wouldn't want to have any regrets in life. To do that I would want to do things and explore things, because that is one of the reasons why those things are there, it is probably for people to explore. What's the point if you don't enjoy the wonderful thing you are surrounded by. I tend to find the positive out of most situations because I don't want to look back on situations and say "oh I should have done this or that"

Biggest Fear: Getting trapped, conformity, and inner emptiness

This archetype from the Explorer does represent me because I do tend to feel as though I am trapped when I can't do certain things I might have been planning on doing. I tend to be a somewhat stubborn person so if someone kills the energy or stops the momentum you could say, it is somewhat saddening. I will not let things stop me because in reality when will you do it again, most likely not often. So why not just go for it no matter what. Thoughts like that might find you pushing the limits sometimes, but some might find it worth it.

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