Spirit Animal Project By: Taylor Peardon & Antonio Rodriguez

Macbeth's Spirit Animal is a snake. At the beginning of the play he starts off as a kind, friendly man, but later on his greed and ambition takes over. With his greed overpowering, he does everything in his power to achieve his ambitions by killing the King and his closest friends, and ultimately not trusting anyone. Macbeth sets up a plan to execute the King and and ends up pinning the blame on his two sons, Malcolm and Donalbain. In Act III, Banquo starts to realize that Macbeth is the one responsible for the murder of King Duncan, and so he plans and executes the killing of Banquo by hiring murderers to perform the task. He has no trust in the two men, so he hires a third murderer to make sure the plan succeeds. Since he has performed all these tasks, he realizes he can't trust anybody other than himself, even his wife. Act III Scene 2: Lady Macbeth: "What's to be done?" Macbeth: "Be innocent of the knowledge"
Lady Macbeths's spirit animal is a crow, she's a peasant but worried bird. Even though she's an evil women with ambitions of her she starts to realize how evil her husband has become. While performing the killing of King Duncan she ends up backing off the plan seeing there is too much at stake. But ultimately Macbeth goes on with the task and completes it on his own. In act 3 scene 2 Macbeth creates a plan to murder of Banquo, but Lady Macbeth is clueless of the task and starts to wonder about who her husband has become. In Act 4 at the Macbeth residence during the dinner with the towns people, Macbeth becomes paranoid and starts to have a conversation with the ghost of Banquo leaving Lady Macbeth is surprise about what has Macbeth turned into.


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