Homeless By: rosie winter

It was a bright and sunny summer day. The wind was blowing just enough to give my hair a little wave. The ground was damp from the rainstorm we had last night, perfect for using chalk on our sidewalk. I decided to draw a super duper long flower, taking up all the space on the sidewalk. Me, my mom, and lily, my younger sister, were playing outside. My dad was gone, he had been for two weeks, disappeared two Tuesdays ago. Lily was of course crying and my mom was trying to calm her. I, was playing with chalk.

For once in two weeks, I felt normal. Not overly sad or tired, just happy. My mom seemed ok, and lily was just being lily. The sun peeked through the clouds and the wind was a refreshing wake up call.

I was just about to finish my flower, I looked up and at the edge of the flower were a pair of work boots, not any old work boots, my dads.

"Where is he and why are his shoes here?" I asked out loud.

My mom and lily were walking over when all of a sudden I remembered the first time my dad when to work. He was so nervous and anxious to see what his first job as a body shop mechanic would be like, not the best job but we needed any money we could get. I gave him a hug and a kiss and said goodbye. He was wearing the same shoes, but that was two years ago. I still had no hope of finding him

"Oh..," my mom said seeming shocked. "Daddy?" Lily asked my mom. I stood there and started to cry.

"Honey, don't let this get you down, it means he" my mom started to tear up and her voice was shaky. "He is close this means" my mom exclaimed.

“Yeah..." I said seeming sort of sad. I knew at that moment, it was time someone should look for him again. This time it wasn't going to be the police, it was going to be me. The only place no one had gone was the woods, the dark dark scary woods

My mom and my sister had no clue where I was because I took off as soon as I could. These thought made me even more scared to go into the woods and look for my father

After two or three hours of looking, I still could not find my dad. I got a weird feeling thinking the police could be right. Suddenly, I heard a voice that sounded like it had a major lisp. It was so starteling to hear a voice while walking alone.

The voice said “ Oh my!” , “there she is!!”

I turned around. Standing right behind me was a man with a knife and a strange face.

“ I have your dad, don't worry.” He said happily.

“ oh really?” I said with a smile on my face.

“ Yes, but he's dead I killed him.” The strange man said with a weird expression. I got a weird feeling in my stomach and took off right away. The strange man wasn't any strange man, it was Larry the local mentally insane boy. I had crazy thought in my head as I started running faster and faster.

“ I'm going to get you and your family!” A voice said seeming right behind me.

“ LEAVE ME ALONE!” I screamed out loud. I quickly turned around to see what was tapping my leg. It was Larry, I ran as fast as I could into the local police station and told them everything.

“ Huh, that's weird, Larry was sentenced to five years in prison two days ago. He kidnapped a older man and apparently killed him as well.” The policeman said seeming confused,

“ Oh no, this can't be good.” That was the last I heard of the policeman who I told my story to.

It's now January and my family has all been killed. Larry is in jail but, I am here writing to my journal on the streets, I am homeless.

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