Aucshwitz, Poland By: Belle jordan

Auschwitz is located in southern poland


Auschwitz concentration camp was one of the most deadly-est camps around. Some Nazi were exterminated often in gas chambers or used as save labor. During World War II over 1 million people lost there lives in Auschwitz. In January 1945 the Soviet army was approaching Nazi officials ordered the camp to be abandoned and sent an estimate of 60,000 prisoners forced to march to other locations.


On March 11th, 1941 the camp population was around 10,90. The camp quickly developed a reputation for the torture and mass shootings. Over 90% of the prisoners killed were Jewish. there were about 1.1 million prisoners sent to Auschwitz. Also 20,000 Gypsies were sent to Auschwitz.

Gas Chambers

The newly arrived Jews were classified by the " SS physicians" as unfit for labor were sent to the gas chambers. The prisoners that were sent to immediate death were not entered into the camp books. The ill, elderly, pregnant women, and children were even sent to the chambers. Between 70- 75% of the prisoners were sent to immediate death.

The gas chamber

Auschwitz museum and memorial

73% of the visitors visited the memorial. In 2016 there was over million people visit the museum. Around 150 movie crews produced documentaries at the memorial center.

The Book keeper

The bookkeeper Oskar Groening. Oskar is 95 years old and still living. He is a former SS junior squad. He was responsible 300,000 deaths and he has been sentenced for four years in prison.


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