Information about Star Island's 2021 season Updated August 10, 2021 - Scroll down to learn more...

Dear Shoalers,

We are pleased to report that our 2021 season has gone very well so far. Our guests have been having meaningful, fun, and safe experiences on the island since the start of the season in June. We continue to closely monitor federal, state, and CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. The health and safety of everyone who comes to Star Island remains our top priority.

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What to Expect

In order for Star Island to implement necessary health and safety restrictions, we have restructured many activities. Our protocols are designed to reduce risk while still enabling us to connect with one another and the island in a meaningful way.

• Conference leaders have re-envisioned workshops, lectures, youth programs, performances, and other activities so that they can happen outdoors, or in some cases indoors with appropriate spacing and other precautions.

Dining has been modified to provide outdoor seating whenever possible, and indoor dining with appropriate spacing and other precautions. Food service is self-serve buffet style and everyone is required to wash or sanitize hands before entering the dining hall.

• There are fewer conferees and employees on the island to accommodate these changes.

• Some services we normally offer, such as our massage program and hall monitoring services, will not be offered in 2021.

Caring for One Another

Every person who comes to Star Island plays an important role in keeping our community safe. Looking out for one another is what we do, and there has never been a time where this is more important than now.

In light of the Delta variant, we are requiring everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask indoors.

When outdoors, masking and social distancing are not required, but encouraged; people who are not fully vaccinated are expected to not be in prolonged close contact (<6').

In light of the Delta variant, we are encouraging everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to practice social distancing when indoors.

When outdoors, social distancing is encouraged; people who are not fully vaccinated are expected to not be in prolonged close contact (<6').

For those that are fully vaccinated: COVID-19 testing prior to arrival is not required

For those that are fully vaccinated: Proof of vaccination is required

For those that are not fully vaccinated (including children): Proof of a recent (within 3 days) negative PCR test result is required.

All overnight guests MUST either provide proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR test result in order to board the ferry to Star Island.

Everyone is expected to follow all relevant health guidelines and regulations, including travel/quarantine requirements

All employees and overnight guests age 12 and up are expected to be fully vaccinated (2+ weeks after final dose) against COVID-19 prior to coming to Star Island, and to furnish proof of vaccination (e.g. your Vaccination Record Card). If this poses a challenge/issue for you, please reach out to our medical staff at FAS@starisland.org.

Day visitors are required to follow relevant health and safety protocols. In order to keep day visitors separated from conferees and employees, there are designate specific areas for their use. Day visitors are not permitted in most buildings or on porches. Learn more here.

Other Health & Safety Protocols

• The number of conferees is limited, and we have fewer employees.

•People from the same household, regardless of vaccination status, may share a room on Star Island.

•People who are fully vaccinated (2+ weeks from last dose) may share a room, even if they are from different households.

•People who are fully vaccinated may share a room with people who are unvaccinated (provided that those who are unvaccinated are from the same household, and as long as none of the unvaccinated people are at risk for severe illness or live with someone who is).

• Every person (regardless of vaccination status) should make a plan for the possibility of leaving the island early that is relevant to their situation. Learn more here.

• Most conferences taking place prior to August 28 will be one night shorter in duration creating a “gap night” with no overnight guests between conferences to allow adequate time for ventilation and disinfection.

Bathrooms and showers are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis throughout the day and evening.

• The number of shower times available is limited and shower times are scheduled for individuals and members of the same household or pod of island roommates.

• Any person exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms on island will be given a rapid test and required to isolate in their guest room or a designated on-island isolation area, or to leave the island, depending on the situation.

• For the safety of our employees, a number of additional protocols are in place, such as frequent testing throughout the season.

Conference Registration

For conferences with a start date prior to August 28: Registration is now open. Due to capacity limitations, conferences will not confirm registrations for acceptance until after May 1.

For conferences with a start date of August 28 or later: Registration is now open.

Due to anticipated limited overnight capacity, we are asking that people only register for a conference if they feel it is likely they will attend. Please help out your fellow Shoalers by not registering if you are unlikely to attend (as you might box out somebody else).

Cancellation Policy: We recognize that this is an evolving situation and that some people may want to cancel after they’ve registered. We have a forgiving, low stress cancellation policy this year. You may cancel up to the day before the conference starts and will receive a full refund.

Financial Grants: We understand that the circumstances of this past year may make a stay on Star a financial strain for some people. To help support our Star Island family, we have increased funding for Financial Grants and encourage people who may need aid to apply. This is a confidential process. Please apply here after you register for your conference. For conferences with a start date before August 28, please apply by May 1. For conferences starting on or after August 28, please apply by July 1.

Discounts: We will not be offering a discount program in 2021 (though we anticipate doing so again in 2022). For people who would have qualified to receive a discount in 2020 under a multi-year discount (such as the Former Pelican and You Will Come Back! discount programs), you may apply for this discount by emailing Mike Bray, Island Registrar, at mbray@starisland.org.

Visit for the Day: People are invited to come to Star Island as a day visitor this summer. More information is available here.


We will continue to keep you updated on this page. We anticipate you will have questions, and we want to hear from you. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page. You can also reach out to Mike Bray at mbray@starisland.org.

Thank you for your trust, patience, and care for our Spirit’s Home!