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Finding Joy

Yale's Science of Well-Being Course

Through Movement: HAVE A DANCE PARTY - DJ MEL


CorePower Yoga: Free access to a selection of their free classes

Down Dog: Maintains five fitness and yoga apps that offer yoga practices or at-home workouts: Down Dog, Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre and 7 Minute Workout.

Yoga with Adriene: On a mission to get the tools of yoga into schools and homes, Adriene hosts the YouTube channel, Yoga with Adriene, a global online community of over 6 million subscribers

FREE Exercise Resources:

STRONG by Zumba: Combines bodyweight, cardio, muscle conditioning and plyometric training synced to music.

Planet Fitness live stream: The daily workout, which will be 20 minutes and will not require any equipment.

LES MILLS: The site has 95 video classes for Body Combat, Body Pump, Barre, cardio training, mindfulness and more.

YMCA 360: Your Virtual YMCA, offering more than 60 of your favorite classes FREE

Fitness Blender: Hundreds of free workout videos ranging in difficulty, length, and body focus.


Deep Focus: Spotify Playlist

Relax: Spotify Playlist

Meditation Music: Amazon Music

This is a powerful exercise (sent to me by a friend) designed to re-orient ourselves when feeling overwhelmed and anxious to being fully present and offering connection and care to ourselves and those around us. Hoping everyone stays safe and healthy out there and you are able to count your many blessings during these uncertain times.

The vibe around us has changed from overworked to overwhelmed. We are sensing in ourselves, our loved ones, the strangers we pass in the grocery store as we’re quickly throwing extra supplies into our carts, a universal sense of unease, worry, anxiety, fear.

It is normal to be experiencing these feelings. Human beings are wired to dislike uncertainty and fear threats to survival. Our brains are meaning-making machines, and when faced with a future that is unknown or fearful, it sends our worrying minds into overdrive.

But there are things we can do. We can come home to our true nature - the peace that is within all of us. We can ground ourselves in the present moment by accepting the situation that we are facing, and embracing the uncertainty of what may lie ahead. When our mind gets lost in thoughts of an unknown, complex future - we catch ourselves and come back to our next breath. And the next one, and the next one. Just breathing, returning to the here and now. When we feel anxiety levels rising in the chest, notice the breath getting shorter, and hear ourselves getting impatient with house-bound kids, this is a signal to STOP and pause.

S - Stop, recognize that you are triggered, anxious, afraid, frustrated, antsy, restless, impatient...

T - Take a Breath, or two.. deep, relaxing breaths to de-regulate the nervous system and take attention away from thoughts. Anchor in the concreteness of feeling the breath move in and out.

O - Observe what's happening in your body, your thoughts, your emotions. Name it to tame it- use words to engage your prefrontal cortex in further down-regulating your system. Rapid breathing, tight throat, thinking about canceled wedding, elder parent... fear... anxious feelings...

P - Proceed. Think of the kindest, most compassionate action you can take for yourself or others. Do that.

We can always turn away from projecting to the future, speculating, catastrophizing, and return to the present moment. We can offer connection and care to others by checking-in on a deeper level, listening mindfully to how our friends, partners, and coworkers are doing.

Our presence, unplugged, is a generous gift.


Created with images by Nathan Dumlao - "untitled image" • Sage Friedman - "Let Peace Fill Your Body" • Drew Graham - "P a r k I n g l o t v I b e s @hitmakerchinx " • Zen Bear Yoga - "Zen Bear Big Bear (6mm) Thick Non-Slip Yoga Mat" • Jonathan Borba - "untitled image" • Eric Nopanen - "Kick back, close your eyes, listen. Remember exactly where you were when you first heard it."