Crazy Psychopath or Motivated Hard Worker Jake Brady

Looking at people is more than just seeing them your making an observation about them. If I told you that I saw a man who was muscular and who yelled a lot and who had protein shakes for days what would you say he is. You would probably say he is a guy who goes to the gym and all he cares about is getting bigger muscle and showing off his body. That's what I thought when I first saw him. I immediately thought to myself I bet that guy lives here. He probably just showers in the locker room. He had arms the size of my head and he could probably hoist me up with one arm if he wanted too. When I go LA fitness I usually see nice and fit guys who have muscle but nothing like what this guy had. He had to be training for the weight contest or something. I really admired how hard he was pumping iron and I just feel like I couldn't compete with him. He was sweating bullets and drinking his big bottle of what I assumed was protein. He looked very angry and his face was cherry red and he yelled louder than a yeti. There was a very intense vibe coming off this person and he looked like he was out for blood or to just go hurt some one. There wasn't many people around him and I don't blame them he was a very intimidating guy. Like one of those marines that has seen some stuff and had just gotta home. He was definitely a character that not just me but everyone was observing.

Throughout my time looking and making observations on this incredibly strong man i realized that there was probably more behind him. Everybody in that gym including me all probably thought this man couldn't have feelings except for inner rage to lift more weight. But i saw it a little bit different. Maybe he was just a really hard worker who liked to take care of his body and stay fit. Or maybe he was an active duty soldier who was training to get back in the fight. Even though he was yelling and acting all crazy maybe that's how he was trained for the military. I feel that there was a much deeper meaning to observing this guy. As I was making my first impression I thought he was a crazy gym junkie but honestly I feel he's not. He actually motivated me to work harder. Now I'm not just talking in the gym I'm talking in everything I do in my life. He has the greatest work ethic I've ever seen he will not stop until his arms give out and I feel that's how I should be with all my school work and my job. He has the mindset of a winner and that's how he's probably so successful and amazing at what he does. Maybe he's loud because he's a very confident person who can talk to any one. I feel that this man influences and makes people believe that they can. I was definitely motivated to be like him and I actually have started to try being more confident. It's amazing what looking at someone can do for you. It just goes to show you never really know someone until you take a better look.

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