Sell with us

Why Sell with us?

  • An Online marketplace for Disadvantaged producers
  • Our Targeted Marketing ensures orders for each seller
  • Our Logistics support is enabling and simple
  • Manage orders and inventory on-the-go with our user-friendly Android App
Lithics is a Global online marketplace for handicrafts, handloom, organic and natural products made by social and environmental organisations, women, artisans, persons with disability, jail inmates, migrants, refugees and tribal communities

The Process

1. Meet the Manager | 2. Product Photography & Cataloging | 3. Product List Verification | 4. Registration on the My Lithics App | 5. Pricing and Remittance
1. Meet the Manager
  • Meet the Business Development Manager
  • Get to know about Team Lithics and our work
  • Learn about the process, Pricing and other features
2. Photography & Cataloguing
  • Don't have Professional product photographs? We'll do it for Free.
  • Give us the Product Details and we'll write descriptions that sell (with SEO)
  • Already have high quality photos and descriptions? Let us know!
3. Product List Verification
  • We'll e-mail you the Product List with SKU and Photos
  • Fill in your Quoted Price and other details
  • Send us the edited list
4. Registration on My Lithics App

My Lithics is a user-friendly app for our Sellers

  • You can Manage Orders
  • Update Inventory
  • Chat with the Admin
  • View Sales Analytics and much more
Welcome Aboard!
  • The process of Listing is complete. Your products are uploaded and ready to sell!
  • Once an order is placed you will get notification on the App and through e-mail
  • Attach print-outs of Invoice and Shipment label to the package
  • E-mail us a Tax invoice (same date)
5. Pricing & Remittance

Upon successful completion of orders:

  • Quoted price of the products sold is remitted to the seller
  • Monthly payment cycle for new sellers
  • Bi-monthly payment cycle for top sellers

Let's grow together!

Join the Movement

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