Enlightenment Thought and Inquiry

Enlightenment Thought & Inquiry, Instructor Commentary

Enlightenment Thought and Inquiry is an overview of the thoughts that we have examined, including the art of the day, the attitudes about the place of women, and even the very nature of sin. Locke brought forth the thought that men were born without sin, which was very contradictory to the Church’s theory of all men being born in sin because of the original sin. Women were considered as lower to men in status and intelligence but there is beginning to be an advancement of the thought that women can be educated in order to increase reasoning power. Religion is starting to play a less significant part in everyday life.

Discover Islamic Art (Ottoman Empire)

Footed bowl possibly used for foot washing
Anatolian Seljuq carpet an example of the use of the Gördes knot.
double-headed eagle shows a cartouche inscription symbolizing the power of Sultan Alaaddin Keykubad,

This is a very good display of Ottoman art, most of which is from the palaces of the Sultans. It is amazing the detail that was put into these works. It is also amazing that so many things have survived the passage of time. The quality of the work and for where it was made show how important art was in reference to the honoring and exaltation of their leaders, both temporal and spiritual.

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu had a unique upbringing. Her mother died early in her life and her father let her train in a similar fashion to her brother. Her father also had her act as his hostess at dinners and events. These experiences lead her to be a very forward thinking woman of the time. She had an opportunity to meet with and dine with the Sultana in 1718. Lady Montagu was very enthralled with the jewels and splendor of the surroundings. She was invited to visit the apartment of the Sultana. She got to meet the Sultana’s slaves and also commented on their learning and deportment. However even with all of the jewels and splendid surroundings she felt a sense of sorrow from the Sultana regarding the loss of her husband, the Sultan.

Enter the Dragon: The Beginnings of English Chinoiserie, 1680-1710

Ladies dressing toilet which held powders, brushes, combs etc.
Embroidered bedcover
Ladies bed chamber attire

This is a beautiful display of artifacts and art that exemplify the British love of Chinoiserie design. Chinoiserie is a thematic display of Chinese or Eastern Asian art. This fascination appears in artwork, furniture, rooms and fabrics. Artists were hired by people of affluence, for the express purpose of creating art, furniture, fabric and rooms that would blend the influences of East and West.

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