Carving By Madeline

My First Idea

When starting my project, I though it would be a great idea to use paintbrushes in my carving. I believed that they would allow the project to have a balance between the two colors I chose for the carving. I had many concerns about how the bristles on the brushes would turn out after they were carved. I was not sure if the lines would be big enough. Finally, after a few days, I decided to give up on the idea of using paintbrushes.

My Second Idea

After giving up on paintbrushes, I saw my friend Sophia create a 3D print of a dream catcher. I thought it would look pretty as a carving. Later that day I asked her if it would be okay if I built off of her idea. Instead of a detailed dream catcher like hers, I wanted to make a very basic one. Also, I would add words to the bottom of the picture. She said it was fine if I used that idea. After two or three days, I felt it was too much like cheating so I decided to look up a different picture on my computer.

Finally Finished

By this time, it had been almost a week since the project started and people had already started printing. I felt a lot of pressure and knew I had to chose a picture soon. I wanted something inspirational, something that would make people smile when they looked at it. I soon decided on a bird. I found this one on the internet and added the words, "Fly Free" into the picture in photoshop. I became worried about how the lines on the wings would print in the carvey. I knew I was not very good at using the paintbrush in photoshop so I decided on printing my picture onto paper first. When I took it out of the printer I used a sharpie to make the lines larger.

Printing the Project

Before I put my project into the carvey I had to move my picture to a website called Easel. There, I adjusted the size and positioned my picture to fit the block I would use. After putting all the information I needed to into Easel, I picked the color block I was going to use. Originally, I wanted a block that would have a white top layer and a black middle layer. Because there were no more black and white blocks, I had to chose one with a white top layer and a blue middle layer. Finally, it was time to print my image in the Carvey. My teacher decided to print it in class so I got to see the machine drill my picture into the block. At last, I got to take it home to show my family.

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