Toolbox Assignment Katie curtis


When writing a paper you may have multiple drafts but this is okay. Writing papers is not a one time deal and you’re done, it’s a process. Just like when you are sanding a piece of wood. While sanding the piece of wood, once is not enough. Sanding wood requires more than one run through. And for writing it’s the same, writing requires more than one draft. Editing a paper is something everyone goes through. The editing process is to help make sure the paper is well written and the grammar is right. Sandpaper smooths out the rough parts, making it well rounded and soft. Editing is the same, it is to smooth out the rough phrases and sentences. Making the paper flow smoothly.


Writing papers is time consuming and a good paper is not written the night before it’s due. When you know that the paper is due on a certain date, give yourself adequate time to complete it but also time to edit and revise. This is why I included a watch in my tool box. A watch tells the time and helps you to stay on track with what you are doing. Set aside time everyday to write your paper and then once it’s written then set aside time to edit and revise. Like I’ve said before the editing process is to help make sure the paper is well written and the grammar is right. Editing can be time consuming as well, so set aside adequate time for this as well.


One tool every handyman or woman has in their toolbox is a level. This tool is used to keep things straight and leveled. When writing a paper it is important to have a topic and stay on topic. Straying from the topic is never a good idea. Going off topic will result in the paper being chaotic and messy. Having more than one topic will cause the paper to be all over the place and not organized. While a level helps to keep things straight, staying on topic keeps the paper focused. Organization is a key to a good paper and brings me to the next topic.


Being organized is a wonderful thing. With all these tools in the toolbox, it can get a bit messy, but with dividers things can stay organized and neat. In toolboxes there are a lot of tools and without the dividers it can be chaotic. In writing, stay on topic and being organized is key to a good paper. Organization is important in a good paper. Having your thoughts organized and well thought out will help the reader understand the topic. The dividers in the toolbox help keep the tools in good shape and keep the toolbox organized.


Now, with all these tools in the toolbox, we still need a place to do all the work. A workbench is where all this work goes down. Thesis statements are the foundations to all papers. Just as workbenches are the foundation to hold the tools. Without a thesis statement the paper has no path to follow. The thesis statement is to guide the paper in one direction and to keep the paper on track.


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