The Smoking Man Obsessed with smoking cigarettes, Will must hit bottom before he finds his way back to normal.

This film short is a dramatic rendition of the addiction of cigarettes.


Darran McCabe Writer/Producer Raised a country boy and trail rider, Darran McCabe is a self-educated man who doesn't believe in giving up. He taught himself everything he knows from astronomy to thermodynamics. Growing up, he had talent but didn't know the full potential of his skills until he delved into the film industry. He is 49 years old but acts like a 20 year old. He believes that his movie will make the grade because of how it was written and also why. He saw it in a clairvoyant vision that it will be successful. Being that he is Catholic, he also firmly believes that God has intended for his film to be made.

Executive Producer

Leesa Robinson is the star of her own show, Boss divas, currently filming in Los Angeles, CA.

Leesa is a producer and executive producer known for The 10th Man, Affiliated, Play Pretty, The Buddy Prima Story and Stand Strong for Justice. With 19 Documentaries in pre production.


Micah David

Micah David is an American Actor who started off learning the Ivana Chubbuck Technique at Jerry Katz Acting Joint for 3 years. He appeared in “With My Soul”, winner of Louisiana’s Best short film in 2016 and Ethan Hawke’s film- “Blaze”. He appeared in background roles during Louisiana films “golden years” like Dukes of Hazzard and Failure to Launch. He was a producer of the 2016 Film Festival in Louisiana and also was a producer, writer and actor in a short film called “Understood", made for the California Disability Film Challenge, highlighting the struggles of autism. He played the role of Dad in a local commercial and has done other small projects within the state of Louisiana.


Robert (Michael) Arceneaux is an American actor from the state of Louisiana who has appeared in television series such as American Horror Stories and Films such as 2014 Geostorm and 2016 DeepWaterHorizon. After studying Industrial Electronics Robert went to work in the oilfield for some years as an ROV pilot while taking acting classes and auditioning. Robert is working on developing projects to come.


Case Earnest

Case, better know as his Youtube screen name, Caesura, is a fresh talent and is vastly gaining popularity on the social media scene. His voice rings true, smooth and deep just as his Texas roots.

Leesa Robinson Productions



Created By
Leesa Robinson


Created with images by Pascal Meier - "some smoke" Screenwriter - Darran McCabe Producer - Leesa Robinson Will - Micah David Brian - Michael Arceneaux Narrator- Case Earnest Executive Assistant- Jenny Burkett