FLMNH Darianna Samson- Dr. duffy- Ms. mcomber

Nature on Display: My favorite exhibit was the dinosaur exhibit and this statue in particular. I enjoyed that the exhibit answered a question that has always lingered in my mind-- "why couldn't humans and dinosaurs live simultaneously?" Look at the size of these bones. It is obvious that dinosaurs would quickly kill out the humans and I will never again wonder why we can't both be around. I suppose I could have read in textbooks how big dinosaurs were, but until I had the skeleton of one in front of my face, I couldn't have imagined.
Nature and Ethics: Pictured is a statue of a young boy carrying a fish that he killed. If humans should be one with nature and consider themselves equal to other natural beings as Leopold suggests, is it okay to kill other living animals. Does it not represent the dominance our race feels? On the other hand, I did gain a perspective that all life it equal because of the connection between many animals. The butterflies were so time and the dinosaurs were so huge, yet their exhibits were in perfect harmony with equal value in the museums. My visit did instill in me a responsibility to be kinder to our environment as it is so beautiful.
Nature and The Human Spirit: Look at all of the butterflies occupying the same space! The butterflies in the garden would look like grey moths until they opened their huge blue wings and flew away. Heschel said we need to take time out of our lives to acknowledge nature. That statement was proven correct when I went to the butterfly exhibit and was blown away by the flying beauty that is unlike any aspect of humanity.

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