Commas & Quotations Vivian Luc, Chloe Ngo, Shreya Rajkumar, Susannah Yarbrough

The Grammar Sleuths

Our mission is to solve all the grammar wrongdoings. Once and for all!

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Why Should I Learn The Rules?

Learning the basic rules of grammar is essential to any class or conversation. Whether you're writing a book, writing to your potential boss for a new job, or writing an essay for college, grammar is crucial. Commas and quotations are one of the most common — and one of the most misused. Knowing how to use them will improve your work instantly.

So, What Are The Rules?

There are many rules for commas and quotations. Here are the main ones, so remember to use them!


Play our KaHoot game for fun practice test. A quick competition will get your entire classroom practicing good punctuation etiquette.

Here's a slideshow to teach your class key points of comma and quotation use. View it here. Click here for an interactive slideshow review.

We also have 3D printable "ThinkerToys" for hands-on learning. Click here to download. Import the link to a 3D design program such as TinkerCad, then print at your local 3D printer.

Did you know that we have bookmarks? Print some for your school library, classroom, or for yourself by emailing us at All for free!

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