8 years. Let's take a look back.

"You're sexy as fuckkkk" Remember that? I probably didn't get the exact quote I said, but I remember your reply: "You're alright"

That was when I knew I had to get you.

You little challenge, you.

Remember when we'd go to Mary C. Williams, just to take pictures together? We were so cute, haha.

I remember it took us like 20 times to get the right picture. But, I also remember using the picture as an excuse to keep kissing you.

Remember this song?

Remember when we first started texting, and we hadn't even met, but we were telling each other crazy things about who liked who more? Remember when we finally did meet? Near where blockbusters/the church was? I told you "You're a lesbian" just so you'd kiss me and you called my bluff and said "I know what you're doing. Just do it." So I did. That was October 28th, 2009. I remember that weekend, Halloween weekend, we went to Amanda's house. I wouldn't kiss you with gum in either one of our mouths haha. I remember when Ron left, and I didn't want to leave, but I had to..but I couldn't stop texting you anyway. Then we started going to Matt and Abby's apartment hanging out, and we were scared to eat in front of each other. Then we met James..[RIP] "SKIPPY BIPPIN" And Kirsten would hangout there, Ron, Matt, Abby, Torry, James..etc. I remember some of them went to get drinks and food and stuff and you and me were so innocent..alone in an apartment, and all we did was kiss. Through an entire Eminem CD. Remember my PDA looking phone? It broke in half and I was just like "Whatever" and you were like wtf?!? I didn't care, because the only person I was texting, was the girl I was with at that moment. Remember when we went to James house and them people showed up and almost got us in trouble and we didn't even pay it any mind because we were together. Remember when we met Holly, and would go to Brixx and eat pizza and play games. Remember on days or weekends your Dad wouldn't let you go anywhere, how upset and annoying I got haha. Remember when Matt had that puppy, and I tried to buy it for you? What about us at their apartment, and Abby worked at Wendy's and we'd wait for her to bring us food - and I'd pay her. I knew she was over-charging me for gas, food, etc but I never once said a word, because I was with you. Remember we were trying to be freaks and tried to play with ice and it was stupid? We didn't have any idea what we were doing, lol. We'd literally stay in an apartment the entire weekend, watching "How its made" with Matt and Abby. And that was okay. Because we were together. Remember when we kissed "for a whole year" What about when we went to my brothers condo and we got really drunk and talked about going and cuddling on the beach and doing..stuff. Remember that? Lol, I doubt you did, you were d r u n k. We were so innocent though, still. I love you.

Remember we started staying across the street from my parents old place, on weekends and we'd just watch DVDs nonstop? Fresh Prince, scary movies, many more. "Will you eat nachos wiff me" I to this day, can not drink Hawaiian Punch because I think of drinking hot Hawaiian Punch in that place, haha. Remember 6 months into our relationship, you went to Chapel Hill with me for my cousin Tonyas sons cancer treatment, instead of going to school? And you hugged me when I cried? I do. I remember specifically. It was April 28th, 2010. How do I remember? Because that was the day I fell in love with you. Truly. Remember when you started staying at my parents house with me some? I remember you used to wake up from nightmares. I remember holding you. I remember you interrupting me when I was gaming for kisses. Around this time, we thought you were pregnant, LOL. Because it was the first time we did anything, we..were so innocent. But you weren't. Then around December of 2010, welp, ya were pregnant lol. I remember us being so scared and you told my mom and she was so supportive of it all. Remember when you had JessiLee? We weren't even 'together' but right then, I knew we needed to be. Because I saw the things you went through, pregnancy..giving birth. I fell in love with you all over again. I'll skip when I was gone..but remember when I got back..? We picked up where we left off. We got a place together..remember we PLANNED Addi? I proposed to you, on MY birthday. Because you were the only gift I wanted. Remember when you got really sick ( I believe you were pregnant ) and you were in bed for literally a week at a time? I'd lay in the room with you, and watch Boy Meets World, and Dawsons Creek haha. I'd make you food. I took care of you.

This picture doesn't have too much to do with the story. I just had to stop to acknowledge your undeniable beauty.


The pictures may be a little blurry, but the memories are crystal clear.

And I want to make so many more memories, with you.

You're my queen.


Do you know how LONG 8 years is? The biggest song on the radio was "Boom boom pow" by the Black Eyes Peas. The biggest movies were The Blindside, Avatar, and The Hangover. THEY'VE HAD TWO SEQUELS TO THE HANGOVER SINCE THEN.

No matter what happens, I know that WE will happen. And that's one thing that I know will never, ever change.

I love you Brittaney. Thank you for 8 years. And you know what's wild? If you take 8, and flip it on its side, it makes an infinity sign. So, I guess it's fitting, babygirl.

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