Endangered species By:Fame

What are Endangered species?

Endangered species are species that are endangered or in trouble.

Endangered species are not just Endangered, it’s very endangered so we have to quickly help. These endangered species are always going to get endangered until we help. If we don’t help They could disappear and until they become extinct.

Why are species getting endangered?

There are many reasons why species are becoming endangered. One main reason is because these trees are getting cut down and not being replanted. The trees are important because they give us and animal species oxygen and food and it gives animals a home. That is why trees are important to us and species. Also, Animals like penguins are disappearing because the snow is melting, Lasty, people also keep hunting these animals.

Cleared area next to a forest

What can we do to help endangered species?

To help these species we need to replant these trees and help make their new home.We have to plant big trees.We also have to make sure there’s no gaps. People that kill these species are bad so we have to make it illegal. So if the hunter comes to hunt, they will get punished. If people wants to chop trees, they can but they have to replant it too.

Replanted trees


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