From reservoirs of darkness and neon lit nightmares rises Finnish five-piece LAMORI. Founded in 2009, they define their sound as uniting gothic metal with dark wave, modern rock and everything in between. With Lyrics inspired by cult horror movie maestros and old romanticism, the band furthermore finalize their macabre elegance. Musical inspiration is taken from bands such as The Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson, The Doors, The 69 Eyes and early HIM.


  • Matias Juselius - Vocals
  • Marcus Pellas - Guitar
  • Mikael Westerlund - Bass
  • Jens Wickholm - Keys
  • Emanuel Sanchez - Drums

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All photos by Therese Andersson, BLICK
All photos by Therese Andersson, BLICK


From the album Neo Noir, released 31 st of January 2020.


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The band roots back to 2006. Singer Matias Juselius and guitarist Marcus Pellas had ideas about starting a gothic rock band in their hometown of Mariehamn, on The Åland Islands. At the time they were both playing together in a rock cover band. Marcus was the bands guitarist and Matias was the drummer. Soon to be keyboardist Jens Wickholm was also part of the constellation, at the moment as backing vocalist. Matias and Marcus did a couple of home recorded demos together. Jens soon joined the new group, followed by Mikael Westerlund on bass.

singer Matias Juselius and guitarist Marcus Pellas had ideas about starting a gothic rock band in their hometown of Mariehamn

An acoustic live performance was held under the name L'Amori Acoustica at a local battle of the bands contest. One of the songs performed was an early version of what would later become Follow the Ghost. After a fruitless search for a drummer the band was put on ice for nearly two years.


The group got together and started rehearsing again in late 2008, still searching for a drummer. A couple of tryouts were held with different drummers, until Emanuel Sanchez stepped in and joined the group in early 2009. Together they did their first live performance some months later, at Bastun Open Air Festival in their hometown. The constellation has remained the same until this day.

The band was officially formed in 2009, the constellation has remained the same ever since

In 2011 the band recorded their first four track Demo EP titled The Reservoirs of Darkness. The four tracks were recorded at a friends home studio in Finström, Åland Islands. Included on the EP was a bonus-track of an acoustic version of the song Thousand Shades of Red (Laiwa version), recorded live during a radio show at local radio station Steel FM.


The first full-length album Deadly Desires was self-released by the band in 2013, under the name L'Amori (later to be changed to LAMORI). The album was recorded by Alexander Lindberg at TwinOak Studios in Jomala, Åland Islands. Two of the songs on the album, Flames D'Amour and Thousand Shades of Red, were re-recorded from the earlier demo EP. Evelyn Nyman joined the recording sessions for backing vocal duties on songs Forevermore, Deadly for Hearts and Symphony of the Night. Evelyn also made guest appearances at some of the bands live shows.

A digital double single with the songs Forevermore and Deadly for Hearts pt. 1 was released prior to the album. The music video for the song Hearts Burning Wild was released a couple of months later. Deadly Desires was voted Best Gothic Metal Album 2013 by Radio Online Gothic Metal Nicaragua listeners.

Deadly Desires was voted Best Gothic Metal Album 2013 by Radio Online Gothic Metal Nicaragua listeners

The band did a couple of gigs in Sweden and Finland, one of witch was at a global battle of the bands contest with The 69 Eyes front man Jyrki 69 presenting the band before their show at Börs Nightclub in Turku, Finland.


A year after the release of Deadly Desires the band penned a record deal with Italian label Wormholedeath. Their first major album To Die Once Again was released through the label in 2016. The album was recorded by Jonathan Mazzeo at Mathlab Studios in Italy. It was at this time the band changed the name from L'Amori to the more straight forward LAMORI.

The band changed the name from L'Amori to the more straightforward LAMORI, for the release of To Die Once Again

Three music videos were released for To Die Once Again; Follow the Ghost, Until Death (Do Us Part) and title track To Die Once Again. Critics received the album fairly well in various magazines and webzines. PowerPlay Music Magazine rated the album as 8/8 POWERPOINTS in issue #187. Laureline Tilkin of Tuonela Magazine wrote "Despite the strong resemblance to HIM, LAMORI’s music is much darker, darker lyrics, even more melancholy. Musically LAMORI’s sound is heavier and it taps into a lot of elements from other genres, which makes this album very refreshing to listen to.".


The band started working on a their third album in early 2018. Recordings began that same summer, again over at Mathlab Studios in Italy with producers Carlo Belotti and Jonathan Mazzeo. The new album, titled Neo Noir, was released on the 31 st of January 2020. Four music videos were released with songs from the new album; Born to Lose, Heaven Ain't For Us, The Devil's Mark and mega hit An Angel by Your Side that has now reached over 400.000 views on YouTube.


In April 2021 the band stated that they had begun working on their fourth studio album. Recordings of the yet untitled album began in September 2021 at The Grid Europe in Italy – where the band resided for tree weeks. The album will contain 11 original songs written and produced by the band together with Carlo Belotti and Jonathan Mazzeo. As of now the release date has not been confirmed.


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